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Monday, April 18, 2011

As you can imagine, life over the past few weeks has been a little crazy with two little ones under the age of two. However, I wouldn't have traded the past four weeks for anything.

Obviously it's been a while since I have been able to post and its been because of several reasons, mostly that I don't have much time these days and the little bit of time that I have in the evenings is spent trying to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet, at least until Jackson wakes up again. :) Things have been a little more complicated this time around with Jackson as I have been struggling with Postpartum Depression at the same time. For now, I'm going to leave that for another post and for when I am ready to talk more about that part of our first month with Jackson in our lives.

I am sure that I will be forgetting to include lots of things that have happened over the past month, mostly because I am exhausted and it's late at night and as I sit here and try to think about the past four weeks, it's a bit of a blur!

Here is a quick recap though of our new little addition:
  • First and foremost, Jackson is a snuggle-bug! He sleeps the best when snuggled up on someone, especially when he is laying on his belly, head on your shoulder, snuggled up under your chin. He could stay there for hours.
  • Jackson already has a few nicknames, but so far the most prevalent one is "Squishy". Haha. It's actually from a line in Finding Nemo, but it fits perfectly for our little man.
  • Jackson is very different then Emma already. At this point with Emma, she had been sleeping through the night randomly and was right around the corner of it being consistent. Jackson consistently gets up every 3 hours at night.
  • Squishy is an eater. At 3 weeks old, he was already able to eat 4 ounces every 3 hours which we found out was too much food based on his age and weight, so we now have to stop feeding him after he hits 3 - 3.5 ounces.
  • He really is a pretty good baby and is already starting to smile (on purpose now haha).
  • Luckily, he rarely spits up but boy is he a loud eater!! He is really a loud baby in general!! He is constantly letting out this manly grunts and groans to which Emma looks up and says "Hear it! Sheep!"
  • Although his first few baths were filled with screaming...he now loves bath time and usually doesn't scream until its time to get out!

Some of these pictures were taken over the past couple of weeks, but since I have some catching up to do on the blog, I figured I would post these as well.

Jackson has been to the pediatrician's twice now for his regular appointments. The doctor was really impressed with how he was doing so we were able to skip the one month appointment (which doesn't include any shots, just a random checkup) and give us another two weeks before we head back where he will get some shots. Jackson was back up to his birth weight within the first week, and within the second week he had gained 6 ounces. So at his second appointment he was 7 lbs and 8 ounces.

Emma and Her Baby

Emma is doing really well with all of the changes that she has been through over the past month. At first, she really didn't pay much attention to Jackson, as if she was just hoping that he was only going to be around for a few days haha. But she soon got it that he isn't going anywhere, and decided that the role of big sister was a good idea. Ha.

Once and a while we will see the big "J" (jealousy) rear its ugly head but overall she has been really good with everything. I think some of her acting out is just plain being a toddler!

She loves to rub Jackson's little bald head and say "Good Boy".

She also loves to give him hugs and kisses, even when he isn't expecting it (check out the expression on his face here hahaha).

And a lot of the time she is back to being a toddler, like in this picture where she is emptying out Jackson's diaper bag, including Mommy's wallet and everything in it.

She is still working on wanting to hold him, but once and a while she will get brave and tell Mommy or Daddy "Hold It". :)

Since it's just about 11:00PM and almost time for Squishy's next bottle (and I am completely exhausted), I'm going to wrap it up here with a few updated pictures that I took today, one day shy of Jackson turning one month old.

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  1. Love the new pics!! Welcome to the world of two..... I was definitely in shock with how much my life changed!! Sometimes I wonder if I've been going through post-partum depression too, or is this just the "normal" post-baby fatigue, crazy hormones, lack of sleep, etc..... Regardless, two kids are definitely tiring and emotional!!!! Parker sounds a lot like Jackson: not sleeping as well, a little cuddler, and a lover of food! Its been a tough couple of months here -- the addition of another baby, Dylan starting the "fun" two-yr old stage, and the CONSTANT stream of visitors has put significantly more stress on us (something I cant blog about though since it would be heart-breaking to Matt's family to know this). I'm hoping that now with the spring and summer coming -- and no visitors planned, we'll be able to relax more so I can get out of this funk!! Continued good luck to you!

    BTW, loved the pics of Emma too!! I'd love to have a girl to have cute hairdos with, but NOT NOW! ;) I need a break!! :)


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