Okay, so we might as well title this page as "Wes's Page" because he is the chef in the family and usually has to deal with trying to please the entire family with three pretty picky eaters. So we started to keep a collection of some of our favorite healthy recipes. We didn't make these recipes up, they are just a collection of ones that we found worked well for us all in one spot. We may have ended up tweaking a recipe here and there but I'll try to note what we changed from the original recipe. We are always searching for new healthy family recipes that we not only like, but also go over pretty well with the kids, who are our toughest critics by far.

Our goal is to try at least one new healthy family recipe a week, so we decided to share them once a week, and let you know how they went over with all four of us! So we started "Tasty Tuesdays!" :) 

Each week, we will post the recipe on our main blog page and create a link here, so you can just come to this page to see them all and maybe even pick one of our healthy family recipes to try! We hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave us comments too on how any of these healthy family recipes went over for your family or what you might change next time!

Our Favorite Healthy Family Main Dish Recipes!

Walnut-Crusted Chicken Breasts
Walnut-Crusted Chicken Breasts

Clean Eating Chocolate Chip Protein Bars


Clean Eating Chili Recipe!

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