Follow Up Doctor's Appointment

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Okay, this goes in the category (that is rapidly getting filled up) of the "things I didn't know about because I am a new mom". After calling the doctors yesterday morning and telling the nurse that Emma was still getting a temperature of about 99.7 (remember that comes back in a bit...) and she started feeling sick last Friday, that we were concerned that we weren't shaking this fever. So they looked up her records and from when I called on Monday and Dr. P had said that if she still had a fever by Wednesday, to bring her in. So luckily, we were able to come in that afternoon and see her regular doctor.

So we get there and get all checked in and they take her temperature at about 99.8. Dr. P comes in and asks us a bunch of questions, and starts to check out little Tiny. Ears...check! Lungs...check! Throat...check! This is where it gets a little interesting. Dr. P says that a baby's temperature can range anywhere from 98.6 (or even a little lower) to almost 100 degrees in a day and that's normal. UM...SAY WHAT?!?! So every time she had a temperature of 99.8, or 99.9 or something similar and we gave her Tylenol she was fine?!?! He said that we don't have to give her Tylenol until her temperature reaches 100.5 or higher. why didn't ANYONE ever tell us this before. Things that could have been brought to our attention prior to doping up our child....this! And why didn't the nurse that answered the phone tell us that when we called?

Emma is now fever free and that's what matters most, but Wes and I ended up coming home from the appointment quite frustrated. Not at Dr. P, not at the office, not at ourselves but just at the whole situation itself. Sometimes I just feel so new to this whole parenting thing that it frustrates me that I don't know any better. Who knew there were three different settings on a thermometer either? One for the mouth, one for the underarm and one for the rear-end. What ever happened to the normal thermometers where you just stuck it in and it told you the temperature without having to mess with the 'mode'?!?! Who knew that 99.8 degrees isn't a fever?!?! Who knew that when they are infants you have to wake them up to feed them at night if they don't wake up themselves?!?! How in the world are you supposed to introduce cereal?!?! How much do you give them first?!?! Do you put it in a bottle or use a spoon?!?! When can you start to give them a bath in a big bathtub and not in the little baby tub with the inclined rest?!?! Are they allowed to watch TV when they are this young?!?! Is it bad for them?!?! I could go on and on about all the stuff I don't know!

The only thing that I do know is that Emma is the most important thing in our lives and we want to do anything and everything we possibly can to make sure she is safe. That, and I also know she looks so darn cute in her pumpkin costume that it actually hurts. :)

Stupid H1N1 - Go Away!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here I was thinking that the H1N1 flu that Emma has wasn't all that bad. Well, it reared its ugly head again last night and just will not leave my little girl alone! Every morning she wakes up with a perfectly normal temperature, happy as can be. So we think OH! today must be the day she is going to be all better! Then, without fail, about an hour and a half later her temperature rises yet to around 100 degrees. So then it's back on Tylenol. As soon as the Tylenol kicks in, her temperature goes back down to normal and she is her happy, loving self again. The minute that we don't give her more Tylenol on the 4 hour mark though, that temperature just skyrockets again! Yesterday, she was doing so good though that we didn't give her Tylenol except in the morning, but right around 5:00PM her temp went all the way back up to 101.1...woke up this morning, perfectly fine, then about 2 hours later...up to 99.8. Gave her Tylenol, temperature went back down to 98.4...not 4 hours later...back up to 100.1. It just will not leave her alone! This has been going on since Friday of last week and yesterday was her last day on Tamiflu.

Needless to say, I called the doctor first thing this morning so we are heading back to see Dr. P at 2:00 today. We had to move her regular 4 month appointment until next week because she can't get shots with a fever. At this rate, she will have this fever until she is 18!

I will keep everyone posted, but please cross your fingers for us that Emma can kick this H1N1 and get better soon! Right now she is fast asleep in her crib and is not going to be happy when Mommy has to wake her up and go to the doctors! My poor baby is going to miss her Halloween parade at daycare on Friday!!

All Ready for Halloween!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Okay, so I had to go to Babies R Us the other day for some warm PJs for Tiny since she is out-growing hers on a daily basis now and I needed to pick up a Halloween costume! Well, they just happend to be 50% off...which means you have to buy two!

The first one I found was a little pumpkin...ADORABLE! I couldn't resist. Here is Tiny doing a little fashion show!

The next one I saw I couldn't resist either. This one is for Tiny's Gigi! It's a pink poodle! Although it's kind of hard to tell haha

And I just couldn't resist posting this picture either. Even when she has the H1N1 virus, my baby is happy! Well, at least after a shot of Tamiflu, Infant Tylenol and milkies!

Our Night at the Emergency Room

Shew...what a weekend. We ended up spending most of our weekend at home with a sick Tiny, a sick H1N1 Tiny.

I got home about 6:00PM on Friday to a fussy and really warm baby. So we went upstairs for a diaper change and temperature check and after a clean diaper and a reading of 101.4, we were off to the emergency room. Emma's pediatrician has always said that any temperature over 100.4 means a trip to the hospital if its on a weekend. So off we went! In the car ride over, I think Wes and I were both so freaked out we didn't know what to do or say. I almost felt guilty on the way over because we were kind of joking around and talking about our experience so far with P90X. Although I realized what was happening at a stoplight where I was so nervous and scared that I almost got sick.

As soon as we walked into the ER we wanted to just hold our breath from the number of folks walking around with masks on. Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long and Tiny had fallen asleep (and seemed cooler) so within maybe 30 minutes we were in the Pediatrics department waiting for the doctor. The nurse came in, checked Emma out, and then we were waiting for the doctor which didn't take long. She was amazing! She was exactly what you expect a pediatrician to be like, bubbly, great with kids, funny and knows that the parents are pretty freaked out and knows how to calm them. She kept calling Emma "doodle" or "doodle bug" and was so nice and calmed us down a lot. She diagnosed Emma as having H1N1. Yikes! We have been doing okay though and taking it easy this weekend although we just can't seem to get rid of that fever. She was put on Tamiflu, twice a day for 5 days and has been on Infant Tylenol to keep her fever down. It basically has been ranging anywhere from 99 degrees to 101 degrees all weekend and continues to be the same today.

Emma had her 4 month appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning but since she has a fever, they won't be able to give her shots, so we rescheduled for next week. So we are just now in a holding pattern until the fever finally disappears but sounds like we will be at home for most of the week.

Its times like this though that I tend to stop and thank God for bringing Emma into our lives. She is such a good baby, that even with a fever of 101, miserable with the H1N1 virus, she still manages to give us lots of smiles and laughs. Of course the majority of them come after a does of Tylenol or Tamiflu and a bottle. Ha!

Photo Editing

Friday, October 23, 2009

For a while now I have wanted to get into Photography as a hobby, and Wes got me a really good start for my Birthday this year with a Canon - EOS Digital Rebel XS 10.1-Megapixel Digital SLR camera (I am still learning what all of that means haha). As you can see from a lot of the pictures I posted, I still need a lot of work. I found a couple of really fun Photography blogs and websites to learn from and one of the websites that someone posted about was this one: Picnik is a free online photo editing tool that I have had a lot of fun playing around with the past few days. By no means am I any good at photo editing, but this website was a great (and FREE) start to learn about editing. I would love to purchase Photoshop but that will have to wait. So here are a few examples of what I have been playing around with!

Keep in mind this is FREE online software so there are only so many editing features...that...and I am totally new at this ha!








Busy Few Weeks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wow! What a crazy few weeks it has been! Wes and I have been swamped with work and just "stuff" over the last few weeks which is why I haven't posted in a while. Everything from baby showers, to birthday parties to working at night, to work parties, starting a new fitness program, etc. Shew! I am tired just thinking about how crazy it has been lately. But, we are doing well and Tiny is growing like a weed!

We have had a bit of a scare with H1N1 though. We got a letter in Tiny's daycare 'mailbox' that said that on Monday of this week, one of the teachers wasn't feeling well so she left early and went home. On Tuesday, she went to the doctors and tested positive for the H1N1 virus. We pretty much went into immediate panic mode and were discussing who was going to stay home with Tiny for the next two weeks haha. Then, we came to our senses a little bit and calmed down. I think the media has really blown a lot of the H1N1 stuff out of proportion. Yes, it is bad and yes people die from it but people also die every year (in the thousands) from the regular seasonal flu. And you never hear about the people who get H1N1 and are totally fine a week later, you only hear about the people who die (most who have had complications). So although we are concerned more so about Tiny then us, we know that daycare will do what they can to protect the little ones.

Emma has her four month appointment coming up on Tuesday, so poor little one will get some more shots!

She is working on the whole rolling over thing too! We are getting much better, although it hasn't happened yet. Emma doesn't really enjoy much tummy time (she usually just uses it as an excuse to be able to shove her fist in her mouth farther) so we are working on rolling back to front. She is getting there!

I am sure we have much more to talk about but I will have to leave that for another day! Stay tuned!

It's Officially Fall!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It has been getting colder and colder here but has been such a nice start to Fall lately. It's chilly in the morning and the evenings but still pretty warm during the day. Which means we get to put Tiny in lots of new fall clothes!! Yeah!!
We have had a great weekend so far. Tiny and I went to a Baby Shower yesterday so she got to spend some time with family which she always loves. She was a hit at the party in her new pink turtle neck and brown corduroys which were already skin tight! Today, we are heading off to Cousin Dana's Birthday party and we can't wait to help her celebrate! Right now, Tiny is all snuggled up with Daddy in the chair, fast asleep. Couldn't be happier.

We actually went to the Pediatricians office earlier this week because, well, basically because I am a first time mom and worried about everything ha! Tiny is such a good sleeper, not only at night but in the daytime too, that she started worrying me that she wasn't eating enough. I wasn't too concerned because she is clearly growing and thriving, but just to be sure nothing else was wrong we headed off to go see Dr. Pinto. He was really great and although he new everything was totally fine, he listened to all my concerns and questions and calmed all of my fears. At the end of the appointment he said to Emma "Mommy is going to regret this visit later when you start waking up in the middle of the night!" haha. He said that a lot of babies around 6 months old will start waking up and not sleeping during naps because they start to panic when Mommy or Daddy walks out of the room. He said, at that point, they don't understand that life is continuous and they think that as soon as they can't see you, you don't exist anymore and are never coming back! My poor baby!!! But, he said until that time, just enjoy how much she is sleeping because a lot of parents don't have it so easy haha. She continues to take several long days at daycare and pretty much no matter how much she naps, she always sleeps through the night until about 6:00AM now. That's my girl! She also weighs 12 lbs 13 ounces and is in the 50th percentile of weight. So she is clearly growing!!

I am so excited for the holidays to come so we can start some fun traditions. Although she won't remember any of them this year, I love to think of things we can do like going to Pumpkin Patches and starting Christmas traditions, etc. I can't wait to put her in her first Halloween costume either!!

Well, we have lots to do today before heading to Dana's party so I better get cracking. Have a good rest of the weekend everyone! Here are few more pictures of the little monster! You can tell I was trying out different camera settings haha.

Long Time No Blog!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi Everyone! I thought I would post an update on how things are going with us! I know I am slacking on the updates but life has been kind of crazy lately and doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon!

We had a great weekend with Tiny last weekend. Saturday was our Family Day at my work which was pretty fun! We ended up having great weather that day and although I spent most of the morning volunteering at the Trade Show, Wes met Emma and I about noon and we got to enjoy some of the fun activities. Emma would have enjoyed it much more if she was a little older because they had a ton of activities for kids, like three legged races, spoon races, dunk tanks, obstacle courses, pony rides and fake tattoos. They also had a MD Police helicopter come land on campus and a local fire engine as well. Emma loved meeting all of Mommy's co-workers and I have to admit that Mommy loved showing her off haha! After that, we headed down to Uncle Andy's for some good food to celebrate his Birthday! Needless to say Emma was pretty tuckered out after such an eventful day so she crashed pretty early that night and slept until 7:00AM the next morning! That's my girl!

Emma is doing really well still and continues to sleep through the night (thank goodness). I am actually taking her to her Pediatrician's office tomorrow for a quick weight check because she is such a good sleeper, that she sleeps A LOT during daycare so I want to make sure she is still right on track. Up until this point, we had asked her daycare teachers to just let her sleep and not wake her up because my thought was, that if she was sleeping that much it was because she needed it. Well, she is such a good sleeper that she now takes pretty much three naps a day (at daycare) and one of which is sometimes over 4 hours! I started to get a little concerned that she was sleeping too much and not eating enough so I called the Pediatrician's office and they said to bring her in just in case. They aren't worried (and I'm not too much) because she is clearly growing and thriving and is very alert and is learning new things every day. So it would be a little different if she was lethargic or not learning new things (like how to suck her thumb or hold on to toys, etc) so we will see what they say tomorrow. Since I made the appointment, we have also asked her teachers to wake her up after 3 hours which she seems to be doing well with.

We have a big weekend coming up too! It's off to a baby shower on Saturday then down to Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian's house to celebrate Cousin Dana's Birthday!

Wes and I are also doing well. Wes recently started a new position (in the same company) that allows him to work MUCH closer to home so his commute time is much shorter now. That has been such a big relief in several different ways. Not only do I get to see him more since he is home earlier and he doesn't have to spend 4 hours a day commuting, but he is now also able to drop off and pick up Tiny here and there which takes a load of off my shoulders as well.

We have also decided to get back into shape! Wes and I actually eat pretty good, minus the days where I go on travel for work and have a hard time saying no to all the snack foods and team dinners. :) I have a problem though with portion control which is something I am trying to work on now. We just ordered the P90X workout system which I have heard only good things about! I was doing really well pre-Emma going to boot camp 5 days a week (in the mornings which was REALLY hard considering I like my sleep...which also explains where Emma got it from haha) but have totally fallen off the wagon since Tiny was born. I have decided to stop making excuses about being too busy to exercise so I am now making it a priority!! I thought that if I blogged about it, it would help me to hold myself accountable rather then not telling anyone for fear that I wouldn't stick with it! So, stay tuned for our healthy lifestyle changes!!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Updated Pictures!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here are some updated pictures of Tiny!! Enjoy!!

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