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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi Everyone! I thought I would post an update on how things are going with us! I know I am slacking on the updates but life has been kind of crazy lately and doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon!

We had a great weekend with Tiny last weekend. Saturday was our Family Day at my work which was pretty fun! We ended up having great weather that day and although I spent most of the morning volunteering at the Trade Show, Wes met Emma and I about noon and we got to enjoy some of the fun activities. Emma would have enjoyed it much more if she was a little older because they had a ton of activities for kids, like three legged races, spoon races, dunk tanks, obstacle courses, pony rides and fake tattoos. They also had a MD Police helicopter come land on campus and a local fire engine as well. Emma loved meeting all of Mommy's co-workers and I have to admit that Mommy loved showing her off haha! After that, we headed down to Uncle Andy's for some good food to celebrate his Birthday! Needless to say Emma was pretty tuckered out after such an eventful day so she crashed pretty early that night and slept until 7:00AM the next morning! That's my girl!

Emma is doing really well still and continues to sleep through the night (thank goodness). I am actually taking her to her Pediatrician's office tomorrow for a quick weight check because she is such a good sleeper, that she sleeps A LOT during daycare so I want to make sure she is still right on track. Up until this point, we had asked her daycare teachers to just let her sleep and not wake her up because my thought was, that if she was sleeping that much it was because she needed it. Well, she is such a good sleeper that she now takes pretty much three naps a day (at daycare) and one of which is sometimes over 4 hours! I started to get a little concerned that she was sleeping too much and not eating enough so I called the Pediatrician's office and they said to bring her in just in case. They aren't worried (and I'm not too much) because she is clearly growing and thriving and is very alert and is learning new things every day. So it would be a little different if she was lethargic or not learning new things (like how to suck her thumb or hold on to toys, etc) so we will see what they say tomorrow. Since I made the appointment, we have also asked her teachers to wake her up after 3 hours which she seems to be doing well with.

We have a big weekend coming up too! It's off to a baby shower on Saturday then down to Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian's house to celebrate Cousin Dana's Birthday!

Wes and I are also doing well. Wes recently started a new position (in the same company) that allows him to work MUCH closer to home so his commute time is much shorter now. That has been such a big relief in several different ways. Not only do I get to see him more since he is home earlier and he doesn't have to spend 4 hours a day commuting, but he is now also able to drop off and pick up Tiny here and there which takes a load of off my shoulders as well.

We have also decided to get back into shape! Wes and I actually eat pretty good, minus the days where I go on travel for work and have a hard time saying no to all the snack foods and team dinners. :) I have a problem though with portion control which is something I am trying to work on now. We just ordered the P90X workout system which I have heard only good things about! I was doing really well pre-Emma going to boot camp 5 days a week (in the mornings which was REALLY hard considering I like my sleep...which also explains where Emma got it from haha) but have totally fallen off the wagon since Tiny was born. I have decided to stop making excuses about being too busy to exercise so I am now making it a priority!! I thought that if I blogged about it, it would help me to hold myself accountable rather then not telling anyone for fear that I wouldn't stick with it! So, stay tuned for our healthy lifestyle changes!!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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