Stupid H1N1 - Go Away!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here I was thinking that the H1N1 flu that Emma has wasn't all that bad. Well, it reared its ugly head again last night and just will not leave my little girl alone! Every morning she wakes up with a perfectly normal temperature, happy as can be. So we think OH! today must be the day she is going to be all better! Then, without fail, about an hour and a half later her temperature rises yet to around 100 degrees. So then it's back on Tylenol. As soon as the Tylenol kicks in, her temperature goes back down to normal and she is her happy, loving self again. The minute that we don't give her more Tylenol on the 4 hour mark though, that temperature just skyrockets again! Yesterday, she was doing so good though that we didn't give her Tylenol except in the morning, but right around 5:00PM her temp went all the way back up to 101.1...woke up this morning, perfectly fine, then about 2 hours later...up to 99.8. Gave her Tylenol, temperature went back down to 98.4...not 4 hours later...back up to 100.1. It just will not leave her alone! This has been going on since Friday of last week and yesterday was her last day on Tamiflu.

Needless to say, I called the doctor first thing this morning so we are heading back to see Dr. P at 2:00 today. We had to move her regular 4 month appointment until next week because she can't get shots with a fever. At this rate, she will have this fever until she is 18!

I will keep everyone posted, but please cross your fingers for us that Emma can kick this H1N1 and get better soon! Right now she is fast asleep in her crib and is not going to be happy when Mommy has to wake her up and go to the doctors! My poor baby is going to miss her Halloween parade at daycare on Friday!!

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