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Thursday, August 28, 2014

We need YOUR help!

Although the sellers of our "new" (meaning new to us - built in 1989) house put on a new roof, the exterior of the house needs some sprucing up, much like every inch of the interior. The brick exterior is in pretty good shape, shutters aren't terrible but could probably use a fresh coat of paint, but the exterior wood molding and gutters need some love for sure. And although the landscaping leaves a little something to be desired (I seriously can't help but think of Cousin It every time I look at that random bushy-thing in the middle of two garage windows), we will probably wait to do anything major with that until next year.

One project that I would like to do pretty soon though is spruce up our front door. There are some small rotten sections of wood at the base of the trim and we know all about that from our old home, so that's on the top of the list to get fixed. I also painted our exterior molding in our old home and it made a world of difference, so it's an easy project that we can tackle ourselves. And this is something I'd like to do before winter and the snow piles up and makes the door molding any worse.

But the problem is, that we can't decide what color to go with!

I've been stalking researching some brick homes with black shutters for a little while now and checking out their front doors, and I think we have it narrowed down to black, red or white.

So of course, I whipped up a little something using my trusty PowerPoint skills to try to envision what our home would look like with each of the color combinations. For fun, I added a few bushes and flowers to the front as well.

Here's a shot of our current "cream" front door and molding....

Here's what a new black front door would look like, along with some updated true-white molding around the door frame. Eventually, we would paint all the above wood molding the same true-white as well.

 Here's what a new red front door would look like. Again, with some spruced up true-white molding.

And last but not least, here's what a new white front door with white molding would look like.

I know. You are seriously impressed with my PowerPoint skills. You don't have to tell me.

Right now, I'm leaning towards either the black or the red, but I'm slightly afraid the black door will get too hot in the sun (at least in the summer).

So we need your help! 

If you don't mind...head on over to the poll on the left hand side of the blog (at the top) and let us know which color you think is the best fit! OR feel free to leave a comment with what you think! Maybe a different color we haven't considered?! Thanks so much!!


  1. I like the red because it is a pop of color. With that darker brick and black shutters, a pop of color is needed. Any darker color will get warm in the summer and fade due to sun, but that just means you can change it up again. Whites and creams are just too plain in my opinion. Go bold and make a statement. You deserve it!

    1. Thanks so much Crystal!!! It seems like the Red's are a big hit!

  2. Hey Laura, I have been reading through your blog and I just have to tell you about this app i've been playing with. It's
    Benjamin Moore's Color Capture. Take a photo with the app of the brick on your house and it will give you a list of complimentary colors. It will at least give you some ideas for your front door. I'm addicted. I've been color matching everything... even the children : )

    1. Hi Koren, whoa! That's awesome! Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely be trying that app out! And I love the color matching of the children. Maybe I'll try to teach my daughter how to use it so she can color match her outfits better. :)


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