10 Months Old!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, Emma is turning 10 Months old tomorrow and before I know it, she is going to be 15 haha! It seems like she is learning something new everyday, and especially since she has been crawling. It's like a little light bulb went off in her head and she points and waves and gives kisses and pulls up to standing and crawls all over the house...in what seemed to be almost overnight!!

Emma is also on an almost complete strike against baby food and formula. It's still a little bit early for us to transition from formula to milk, but if things don't change soo, I think it may be sooner rather than later! She also does not want much of her baby food, but wants big people food. We got turned on to pasta earlier this week and I think Emma fell in love!

Emma has been crawling everywhere lately, so much that it was finally time to baby proof! We aren't completely done but have a good start, at least on the downstairs where we spend most of our time. We also got a playmat for Emma to play on in our bathroom while we are getting ready in the mornings, in just enough time for her to want to crawl right off and normally over the shower to try to open the shower doors. So needless to say, Wes and I usually shower with one foot stretched out so our toes can hold the shower doors closed. Man does that get chilly! :)

Emma went from pretty content in sitting still for almost 8 months, to crawling and trying to pull-up to standing everywhere. So far, she has a couple of favorite places. One being the bottom of the steps, one being on our family room ottoman and the other being on our TV stand (good think we got a new one when we did)!

Hey Mommy! Look what I can do!

Emma, unfortunately, LOVES the lights on the front of the cable box. :)
She still has a bit of a hard time pulling up on this toy because its a bit wobbly (just like she is haha), but she still loves her favorite toy!
In the next picture...I'm not sure whether Daddy is napping on Emma, or if Emma is napping on Daddy!
For a few weeks now, Emma has had a pretty big fear of older men, including her Pop! If another daycare Dad so much as looks at Emma, she will sometimes burst into tears, so you can imagine how terrible we feel when she does that to her own Pop! Well, finally, after spending some good playtime with Pop, she not only let him hold her, but really got her laughing and smiling by the end of the night!
I love this picture, because I think they have the exact same expression on their faces!!
The more and more Emma explores, the more interesting places we find her. The other day, all we could see was feet coming out from behind the couch and wall space. But sure enough, look who was peeking around the corner!

Go Speed Racer Go!!

A Few Updates!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I can't believe that Emma will be 10 months old next week. Double digits! :) Ella, one of her friends in her daycare class is turning one in just two weeks! They are no longer the babies at daycare and are part of the big kids now!

Emma is still changing by the day. She learns more and more sounds to make everyday (today was something similar to "duck"). Emma now points at everything and is constantly on the move. Over the past two weeks though, she has been on what Wes and I like to call a "Milkies Strike". After her stomach virus episode, she increased her formula drinking to a consistent 6 ounces at every bottle (she was never a big formula drinker), but we again find our selves at the point where its a good day, if she drinks a 4 ounce bottle in one sitting. She has started to completely refuse bottles here and there throughout the day, so we are trying to give her more formula in a cup so she get something! Emma has also developed a bigger love for water! She could drink that until the cows come home! Her schedule still remains about the same, with the occasional later bedtime of 7:30 or 8:00PM, and the random sleeping in to 6:00AM. Here are a few new pictures of the little monster!

We recently started trying to get Emma used to using plates, but this is pretty much what the situation ends up looking like. Emma is a big fan of Peek-a-Boo, so maybe this is the dinner version of Peek-a-Boo? :) I don't have the heart to tell her that I can see her under the plate. :)

The rest of these pictures were actually from today after getting home from daycare. The more food that Emma tries, the messier she gets! This was after a dinner of sweet potatoes, bananas and cheese. Needless to say, the cheese was her favorite part. No question...she is her father's daughter!
You can also tell how funny her hair is coming in. She has these little "tuffs" of hair that shoot out of nowhere!

This isn't the best picture, but I was trying to get a shot of her front teeth. So here they are! In all their glory!
Finally! My clean, good smelling baby was back! Well...at least for a little while. About 30 seconds after these next two pictures were taken, I noticed Emma was working on a little something. So just as I was speeding through the rest of her bath as I knew exactly what was coming...she beat me to the punch and pooped right in the bath!! So needless to say, we had two baths tonight, with a tub cleaning in between! Naughty!

But, here you can see how much she loves her little ducky! There are usually at least 10 other toys floating in the water and she always finds her rubber ducky to chew on!

I Could Not Ask For More...

There are a couple of songs that tend to send me right into tears when I hear them, because they just hit home. I was a pretty emotional person before, but now that I am a mom, it's ever worse! :)

In doing some searching for the perfect last song for Emma's Birthday Slideshow, I remembered the song I Could Not Ask For More, by Edwin McCain. I have loved this song from the first time I heard it, and now, even more so that Emma is in our lives.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday, I picked up Emma from daycare and as I was holding her chatting with one of her teachers, she looked at me, grabbed my face, opened her mouth and went right for my mouth! I thought she was trying to eat my face haha! Turns out she did it again with a look on her face like 'Umm...why is Mommy not giving me kisses back?!' As soon as I figured out what she was doing, I said "kiss kiss" (we started practicing a few weeks ago) and she leaned in and gave me the biggest, wettest, opened mouth "kiss kiss" possible!


My slobbery little love bug can now give kisses! Although, you may misinterpret it as her wanting to eat your face. :)

I got no less then 15 kisses yesterday, just while I was at daycare. Daddy wasn't so lucky. :)

First Birthday Slideshow Teaser

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hi Everyone!

It been quite a difficult week at work already (note that it is only Tuesday) but I can't really complain because it has been much more difficult for others. We went through a round of layoffs this week and I feel incredibly fortunate to not have been affected, but at the same time I feel incredibly guilty that other's, with just as much if not more at stake, can not say the same.

I wasn't able to sleep much on Monday night, so I decided to immerse myself in all things Emma to take my mind off of what was to come on Tuesday. I have been meaning to start working on a little slideshow/video for Emma's 1st Birthday which is rapidly approaching, so I took this as the perfect opportunity to start. About 4.5 hours later, I decided to take a break. :)

So far, I am about 9 months, and 12 minutes into the video with the remaining 3 months to include (once we have the pictures to use)! But as a little teaser, here is the first section of the video, set to the Dixie Chicks song, Lullaby. From the moment I heard this song, I feel in love with it, and I sing it to Emma any chance that I get.


The full version will be posted in a little over two months!

Shishy On....Shishy Off...

Monday, April 19, 2010

This is pretty much the gist of what Wes and I woke up to at 3:00AM this morning:

Shishy On....Shishy Off....Shishy On....Shishy Off....Shishy On....Giggle....Shishy Off....Shishy On....Shishy Off....Cry....Shishy On....Laugh....Shishy Off....Cry....Cry....Cry....

We are only on Day 2 of Emma knowing how to sit up in her crib and we are already exhausted. After about a minute of crying, Wes went in to check on Emma and she had wedged herself in to the corner of the crib (facing towards the center of her crib) and was stuck! She couldn't figure out how to lay back down, and apparently had forgotten that she knows how to crawl (it was 3:00AM, so I don't blame her there). Wes laid her back down and I think she was asleep before he even got back into bed.

Then came 4:15AM:

Shishy On....Shishy Off....Shishy On....Shishy Off....Shishy On....Laugh....Shishy Off....Giggle....Shishy On....Shishy Off....Shishy On....Giggle-Snort....Shishy Off....Shishy On...

Great Weekend! New Updates!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We had a great weekend and enjoyed some fun events and Emma did great at all of them! Friday night we just relaxed at home and went on a walk around the neighborhood. We knew that Emma had a big weekend ahead of her so we wanted to make sure that she got a good nights sleep.

Saturday, we headed off to one of my friend's surprise 30th Birthday party! I haven't seen this friend in way too long, so it was great to catch up and Emma LOVED playing with all the little ones there. There were these two little boys, that she really took a liking too (watch out Daddy) and had a blast laughing and playing with them. I think they were in love just as much as she was! Of course, right at 7:00PM on the dot, Emma started to get really cranky because that is her usual bedtime so we headed off to Mimi and Pop's to pick up a car that we are going to borrow for a little while (long story short, Daddy got in a car accident Friday morning and thankfully didn't get a scratch, but one of our cars wasn't so lucky). We didn't expect to be at Mimi and Pop's for long give the cranky baby that we left the party with, but she must have gotten her second wind and she was wide awake and having a good time playing when we got there!

Sunday morning was a really interesting wake up. I woke up to Emma fish mobile (which we call Shish-ies) playing which was weird because we had just lowered her crib mattress the previous weekend so she can't kick it like she used to. Since I didn't hear a peep before, I couldn't figure out how it happened so I turned on our video monitor to see my tiny baby sitting up in her crib! Keep in mind, this was at 5:00AM sharp, so I was pretty out of it, so it took me a minute to realize what was happening haha. I decided to give her a few more minutes and so I checked again about 5:10 because it was extremely quiet and there was no more Shishy on, then Shishy off, then Shishy on, then Shishy off...like I had been hearing. I once again turned on the monitor to find Emma completely asleep, hunched over her stuffed bear, sitting up! I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I walked in and she jumped with the sound of the door opening! I thought I would see if she would go back to sleep so I fled the scene and got back into bed. Well, about 5:20AM I gave up because I just couldn't sleep through Shishy on, Shishy off, then Shishy on, then Shishy off....etc. Haha!

We headed out early Sunday morning to the March for Babies. As you might recall, we did this last year but that was a whole different story. We met up with Emma's BFF Meredith and her parents and brother but boy was it cold and early!! We took Shamus along with us as well so boy did we have our hands full! Shamie and Daddy spent about the first half mile off to the side on their own since Shamie was going a little crazy!

Since it was such an early morning, Wes and I didn't have time for breakfast so we fell mercy to the breakfast that was provided, which was snack bars and coffee (although it was so cold the coffee hit the spot)!

At first, Emma was on board and ready to go! She was armed with her waffle from breakfast, a new diaper, warm clothes and some toys so what could go wrong right?

Well, we started in the front/middle of the pack and ended up almost completely last because of all the stops we had to make for either Emma or Shamus haha! So good thing it wasn't a race! It took us longer then expected but Emma did great considering it was during her nap time and she never actually slept! So by the end, she had enough of the outdoors and wanted nothing else to do with it! Ha!

Emma has been changing by the day lately! She is still working on getting this crawling thing down but she is getting better at it and can at least make her way across a room now! She is also pointing a lot (just learned that last week) which is kind of cool to actually know what she is "talking" about. Her vocabulary has increased to Mama, Dada and Nana (for Banana) and she is working on her "Sh" sounds, no doubt for "Shamie".

Emma is still extremely laid back and a happy baby. She still isn't much of a formula drinker but loves table food. She hated yogurt the first time she had it but has grown to love it. She also LOVES any kind of pancake, waffle or cinnamon toast in the morning. We have tried real meat (chicken only so far) but she can't quite get that down yet, she usually chews it for about 5 minutes, and then starts to cry...so that's when Mommy gives up and fishes it out of her mouth haha. Her latest love is cheese (which again, is right after her Daddy) and she is getting better and better at drinking out of a cup. She is pretty much a stickler for her routine but is getting much better at dealing with being outside of it, at least during the day. Wake up and bed time seem to be pretty written in stone! Her favorite song is still "If You're Happy and You Know It..." and she is very good at going from sitting to crawling and then back again. Just this weekend, Emma started trying to pull up to standing! She has done it once or twice but is much better at pulling up to her knees for now. I am just waiting for the day that I walk in to get her out of her crib and she is standing up!

Emma's New Laugh & The Wave!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

About a week ago, Emma came home from daycare with a totally different laugh then she had when she left! We aren't sure where she got this one from, but we think its pretty funny and it sure gives us a good laugh when we hear it!

Around the same time she came home with her new laugh, she also started to wave! It's pretty much the cutest thing that I have ever seen, but then again, I am probably pretty biased.

Refrigerator Art

Emma's first refrigerator art!

Today at daycare, the class did their first painting exercise...with their feet!

We Are Mobile (Part 2)!

We Are Mobile!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well, it official!! Emma is mobile! I wouldn't say that she can 100% crawl yet because it still takes her a long time to get from point A to point B (and they are usually close together), but we are close! It's been a big day because her second top, front tooth popped through this morning as well!

Two teachers at daycare on Friday said that they thought this would be "the" weekend the Emma starts crawling, and I think they were right!

Since I didn't get too many pictures of Emma in her Easter dress (she slept for a while that day), I tried to set up a little photoshoot with her today. Photoshoot + learning to crawl = fail! She is so much more interested in crawling then anything else, so after about 10 or 15 minutes I gave up! I did manage to get a couple of cute shots, but there were a lot more that were either of the back of her head or the side of her head, or of her half on or half off the background haha.

9 Month Doctor's Appointment

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emma had her 9 month doctor's appointment today and officially now hates going to the doctors! I think it was the next to last visit when she was sick and the doctor (not her primary care because he wasn't there that day) was digging around in her ears a bit too much for Emma. So she immediately burst into tears today when just getting weighed and measured!

Emma weighed in at 17 pounds and 7 ounces (which is a pound heavier then what she weighed during her first stomach virus visit) and was in the 25th percentile for weight. She is 27 and 3/4 inches long and in the 50th percentile for height. So she gained just about two pounds from her 6 month visit and almost two full inches! She is pretty much in the same percentiles as well from her 6 month visit, although her weight percentile had dropped from 50th to 25th. Dr. P. didn't see worried and said that they can go up and down between 25 - 50 - 75 pretty easily and that he would rather see her on the smaller side, then the bigger side.

She is progressing right on schedule as far as her milestones go except for some of the movement ones. By 9 months, she 'should' be pulling herself to standing and almost walking down the length of a piece of furniture while holding on. Since she was a late crawler, Dr. P. wasn't surprised and suggested we just try to get her on her feet a little more often. I tend to think she is just so laid back, that she is totally cool with where she is, so why try something new haha!

She is so funny though. She just started this really odd laugh, almost like and evil laugh (check out the video below). She is still extremely laid back and a very good sleeper. She consistently sleeps from about 7:00PM to 5:30AM with a random 6:30PM bedtime and 6:30AM wake up time thrown in here and there. She is still afraid of strangers and still is very uneasy about any males that aren't her Daddy. Emma is an extremely happy baby and honestly, barely cries, which is why I think we have such a hard time letting her "cry it out" in her crib or when she doesn't know where she is because it's so rare for her to do! The past week or so she has definitely increased her appetite. Emma was never much of a formula drinker, even at 8 months old she rarely polished off a full 6 ounce bottle. The last week has been quite a change though where, almost overnight, she went from stomach virus, to drinking a full 6 ounces every bottle and eating all of her breakfast, lunch and dinner and then some. He new favorite food is Saltines which we will giver her one or two of after her veggies at dinner. I think she likes the biting and cracking sound haha.

Her second top tooth is not far behind. It's pretty easy to tell when it is coming because the fingers go back in the mouth 75% of the day, the drool increases and Emma tends to have a "fever" of about 100.1 when she is normally in the 98 degree range. My little baby is so grown up!

This has been such a fun age! She is so much fun to play with and you can just tell that she is learning something new everyday. She loves to spend time outside and Shamus is definitely her best friend. She consistently says Mama and Dada, and I am convinced she even said cupcake the other day haha!

We started to introduce "Naked Time" after her bath this week because although we have been extremely lucky with diaper rash (she basically hasn't had any at all), she has developed one or two spots lately that we just can't seem to get rid of. So after her bath, we now like to give her maybe 15 minutes to just play in her room naked and let that little tush air out! Of course, Mommy can't help herself and NOT take any pictures!!

Watch out...naked baby on the loose!!

Emma Loves Her Shamie!

Being a working mom...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I have been working on this post for a few days now, wondering if it is something that I wanted to include in Emma's blog or not. I originally wasn't going to because to be honest, it's quite personal to me and I thought that if I posted it, that it would become an official acknowledgment of my weaknesses as a mother (and who wants to admit those?!?!). After thinking about it though, I decided to include it not just for those other moms out there that read Emma's blog, but mostly for Emma. If she ever reads these entries when she is older, and wonders why she was put in daycare at 8 weeks old, I want her to know how hard it was for me to do so, how hard it was to be a working mom with an infant and how much it hurt Mommy to have to do it sometimes. I also want her to know that it was always, always, for her and for her future.

I want to preface all of this by saying this post is in no way any big discussion on what is right or wrong about being a working mom versus a stay at home mom. That is one of 'those' debates that will continue to go on forever, and to me, doesn't have a right or wrong answer. I was basically a stay at home mom for 8 weeks when Emma was born and that was probably the toughest, but best, 8 weeks of my life. I really don't know how the mom's do it that stay at home with their little ones full time, so props to you ladies because in a lot of ways, I think that is harder then being a working mom. That just wasn't a fit for our family at this point in our lives. This is just how I feel about being a working mom, and nothing more.

I think about being a working mom a lot and I have really mixed feelings about it. Some days I feel like I can conquer the working world, make dinner, do laundry, have a clean home, a hobby of my own and still have quality time to spend with Emma. Other days, the guilt of having to put my tiny baby into daycare and getting to see her for about two hours a day almost consumes me. On those days, I try to convince myself that it will only get easier as Emma gets older, stays up later, eats what we eat for dinner (so we don't have to make a meal for her and a meal for us, etc) but I have a feeling that won't really be the case and I end up talking myself out of it. As she may stay up later when she gets older, she will probably end up sleeping in later in the mornings. When she eats the same food as us, that will just mean that we have to make a full dinner earlier, rather then getting to play with her after work and just postponing making dinner for Mommy and Daddy. As the years go by, my level of responsibilities at work will continue to increase, which makes it harder and harder to maintain a "work - life balance" and actually stick to the 40 hour work week. I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am today and it is very difficult to explain to bosses or coworkers that I am not willing to consistently work 60 hours a week, and answer emails at night and travel 50% of my time anymore. Which has given me a big lesson and learning experience on how important it is to make sure expectations are understood from both sides.

The minute that I got pregnant, my world and priorities changed.

Now, having said all of that, I do enjoy working. I enjoy the interaction I have with my coworkers and the relationships and network that I have built since working for my company for the past 8 years. My company has treated me extremely well, but has also presented some big challenges. I am fortunate though to work for a company that allows me the time I need to take off when Emma is sick, or gives me the tools to work from home when I can.

There are days during the work week where I wake up ready to "meet the day" as my Dad always says. On those days, I am up and ready for work before Emma even makes a peep. Bottles are made from the night before, and her toast or pancake and banana are ready to be toasted and packed away in her daycare bag. Breakfast is ready to go for Wes and I, the coffee maker is full of coffee and water and just awaiting the start button to be pushed. Dinner is planned for that night, the kitchen is clean and the carpet is vacuumed and I am wearing the same size pants as I was before Emma came along (that's always a good start to the day haha). On those days, I am at work early, have a very productive day, head out by 4:30 and even have time for a walk with Daddy, Emma and Shamus before the bedtime routine starts. It is on those days that I absolutely love our bedtime routine. I love how Emma has so much fun during her bath, I love playing with her and tickling her little tootsies when I am getting her dressed. I love giving her that last bottle for the night and reading some books when she is all snuggled in my arms. On those days, the night doesn't stop there before I am fully motivated from having such a good day, that I do as much as possible to get ready for the next day. But who knows what the next day will actually bring.

Then, there are the "other" days.

On the "other" days, I feel incredibly guilty for being one of the first parents to drop her off at daycare, and for her being one of two babies left in the room when I pick her up. How are these other parents do it? How do they drop off at daycare at 9:00AM and are picked up at 4:00 or 4:30PM during the day? How do they get to work and work a full day? It's on these days that I am miserable driving to work just thinking about Emma spending more time with her daycare teachers on a daily basis, then her own parents. I usually end up having a bad day at work on these days, and can't bare to look at all the pictures of Emma scattered on my desk or as my computer background. On these days, I dread our bedtime routine because it inevitably starts almost the minute we get home. Its a race to feed Emma dinner at 6:00PM, so we can be in the bath by 6:20 or 6:30PM, and be drinking her bottle by 6:45 and in bed by 7:00PM. It may sound like a strict routine but I want to make it clear that it's not the fact that I think she should be in bed at 7:00PM, but that is her body's time to be in bed. She crashes incredibly fast around 6:45...so taking a bath or trying to play at that time can turn into a big fight. Lately, her bedtime has been getting earlier, instead of later too! Those are the nights that I put her to bed, and can barely bring myself to go in her room later to make sure her blanket is covering her up because I feel so guilty that I spent 2 hours with her all day, and those two hours were a rush to get up, dressed, out of the house, and to get fed, bathed and to bed after we get back to the house.
Luckily, the more and more experience I get as a new mother, the more days of "Supermom" that I have and the less days that I feel incredibly guilty. But that doesn't seem to make it any easier on those hard days, to get up and leave the love of my life in someone elses hands.

Since I have babbled on long enough, I think I should come to the point. The problem is, that I'm not entirely sure what the point actually is! I know that right now, I don't have another option but to work, and I know that probably every working mom has these thoughts at some point. Who knows if it will ever get easier, but I think this is one of the reasons why we chose the daycare facility that we did. Every day that we drop Emma off or pick her up we are reminded about exactly why we chose the center that we did. They are wonderful and if there is one thing that makes this whole working-mom thing easier, it's knowing that Emma is learning and growing and thriving during the day when I am not there by her side.

All I hope, is that Emma never feels like a second priority because she certainly is not, and that later in her life, we are able to provide for her future as much as possible and that she understands why Mommy wasn't able to stay at home with her when she was so young.

Easter 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

We had another great Easter this year, only it was even better then before because of Emma! Dying Easter eggs had an extra special meaning this year since it was Emma's first time. Although it was right before bedtime and Emma was getting pretty sleepy, we had a good time and you could just tell that Emma had no idea what was going on haha! And yes, each year, we dye our Easter eggs in coffee cups haha.

I think Emma's eggs turned out the best. We dyed most of hers yellow, which ended up working out well with Mimi's Easter egg hunt later!

It's a tradition on my side of the family from when I was little, that you at least have to have ONE egg that gets dyed with every possible color... haha!
Since they were hard boiled, we thought we would let Emma have some fun with one of her eggs. So we let her have one to see what would happen and wouldn't you know, not 10 seconds later, this is what it looked like haha!

The end result!

Since Emma had a bit of a rough week last week, I decided to get her one or two more things for her Easter basket. I came across these, and just couldn't resist!

Here she is modeling one of her new sunglasses! And yes, that is about 37 pieces of cinnamon toast in her mouth during breakfast haha. What a cool chick!

After spending a relaxing Easter morning at home, we were off to Mimi's house to get together with Emma's big cousins! Here is Emma playing with her big cousin Ally! She loved that big pink soccer ball!
After some playing and dinner it was time to hunt for some Easter eggs! Emma was finally asleep after fighting a nap so Daddy went around and eyed where most of Emma's yellow eggs were. Then it was up to her big cousins Lauren and Dana to find them all!
These are just a few other pictures from the day. I don't know what it is about this picture but I absolutely love it! This is Emma's Aunt Mary (or the Baby Whisperer as we like to call her) with her little man Robert.
This is one of Emma's big cousin's, Allyson! Gorgeous!
For most of the day, little Robert was amazed with what was down in the yucky stare well of Mimi and Pop's house. I still can't believe how big he is getting!
This was just too funny to not take a picture of. Mimi got Robert a little weed-whacker set as an Easter present, and I don't think he put it down for the rest of the night!
Before we headed out, it was time for a quick couple of games of "picky egg". Emma wasn't quite sure what to think of the whole thing, but I have no doubt that she will grow up and love the game as much as we all do!
These aren't actually Easter pictures but a couple of quick shots when I was trying out one of my new photo backgrounds! Not the best pictures, but I love the color of the backdrop!

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