I Have a "Todfant" & I Don't Like It

Friday, April 2, 2010

My little tiny baby is growing up way to fast. I know it seems somewhat ridiculous seeing that she is only 9 months old but it really hit me this week because she moved into her new 'big girl' room at daycare.

At daycare, each class moves rooms as they get older, until several classes are combined together after the age of two. Since she started last September, Emma has been in the 'Infant Room', but this week, things changed! The new class of infants is starting soon, so Emma is now in the 'Todfant Room' which is the step right before, yup, you guessed it, the 'Toddler Room'.

The 'Todfant Room' is a bit different then her previous room in that there is no longer a mat on the floor since most of the babies are mobile at this age and end up rolling or crawling off the mat anyway. There are also more tables and chairs, and some more interactive toys and space for them to crawl around in. By the time they will transition into the 'Toddler Room', the class will be on a stricter nap schedule and will be working towards only one nap a day before they transition. They will also be starting snack time as well! I walked in to drop Emma off this morning and was so confused because it wasn't her normal room! The fact that she is no long the youngest class in the school (one new infant starts on Monday) is devastating!! I knew this would happen, but it just came up so quick!! Emma is now one of the "big kids"!!

Needless to say I teared up a little bit on my way to work this morning after dropping her off!!

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