9 Month Doctor's Appointment

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emma had her 9 month doctor's appointment today and officially now hates going to the doctors! I think it was the next to last visit when she was sick and the doctor (not her primary care because he wasn't there that day) was digging around in her ears a bit too much for Emma. So she immediately burst into tears today when just getting weighed and measured!

Emma weighed in at 17 pounds and 7 ounces (which is a pound heavier then what she weighed during her first stomach virus visit) and was in the 25th percentile for weight. She is 27 and 3/4 inches long and in the 50th percentile for height. So she gained just about two pounds from her 6 month visit and almost two full inches! She is pretty much in the same percentiles as well from her 6 month visit, although her weight percentile had dropped from 50th to 25th. Dr. P. didn't see worried and said that they can go up and down between 25 - 50 - 75 pretty easily and that he would rather see her on the smaller side, then the bigger side.

She is progressing right on schedule as far as her milestones go except for some of the movement ones. By 9 months, she 'should' be pulling herself to standing and almost walking down the length of a piece of furniture while holding on. Since she was a late crawler, Dr. P. wasn't surprised and suggested we just try to get her on her feet a little more often. I tend to think she is just so laid back, that she is totally cool with where she is, so why try something new haha!

She is so funny though. She just started this really odd laugh, almost like and evil laugh (check out the video below). She is still extremely laid back and a very good sleeper. She consistently sleeps from about 7:00PM to 5:30AM with a random 6:30PM bedtime and 6:30AM wake up time thrown in here and there. She is still afraid of strangers and still is very uneasy about any males that aren't her Daddy. Emma is an extremely happy baby and honestly, barely cries, which is why I think we have such a hard time letting her "cry it out" in her crib or when she doesn't know where she is because it's so rare for her to do! The past week or so she has definitely increased her appetite. Emma was never much of a formula drinker, even at 8 months old she rarely polished off a full 6 ounce bottle. The last week has been quite a change though where, almost overnight, she went from stomach virus, to drinking a full 6 ounces every bottle and eating all of her breakfast, lunch and dinner and then some. He new favorite food is Saltines which we will giver her one or two of after her veggies at dinner. I think she likes the biting and cracking sound haha.

Her second top tooth is not far behind. It's pretty easy to tell when it is coming because the fingers go back in the mouth 75% of the day, the drool increases and Emma tends to have a "fever" of about 100.1 when she is normally in the 98 degree range. My little baby is so grown up!

This has been such a fun age! She is so much fun to play with and you can just tell that she is learning something new everyday. She loves to spend time outside and Shamus is definitely her best friend. She consistently says Mama and Dada, and I am convinced she even said cupcake the other day haha!

We started to introduce "Naked Time" after her bath this week because although we have been extremely lucky with diaper rash (she basically hasn't had any at all), she has developed one or two spots lately that we just can't seem to get rid of. So after her bath, we now like to give her maybe 15 minutes to just play in her room naked and let that little tush air out! Of course, Mommy can't help herself and NOT take any pictures!!

Watch out...naked baby on the loose!!

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  1. I can't believe Emma is already 9 months old. Sorry to hear that she's not fond of the doctors anymore. I don't think Annabelle has ever been. Tomorrow she'll see the pedi too. I'm hoping she's gained a few extra ounces since her last appt.

    Adorable pictures too!


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