Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday, I picked up Emma from daycare and as I was holding her chatting with one of her teachers, she looked at me, grabbed my face, opened her mouth and went right for my mouth! I thought she was trying to eat my face haha! Turns out she did it again with a look on her face like 'Umm...why is Mommy not giving me kisses back?!' As soon as I figured out what she was doing, I said "kiss kiss" (we started practicing a few weeks ago) and she leaned in and gave me the biggest, wettest, opened mouth "kiss kiss" possible!


My slobbery little love bug can now give kisses! Although, you may misinterpret it as her wanting to eat your face. :)

I got no less then 15 kisses yesterday, just while I was at daycare. Daddy wasn't so lucky. :)

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