10 Months Old!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, Emma is turning 10 Months old tomorrow and before I know it, she is going to be 15 haha! It seems like she is learning something new everyday, and especially since she has been crawling. It's like a little light bulb went off in her head and she points and waves and gives kisses and pulls up to standing and crawls all over the house...in what seemed to be almost overnight!!

Emma is also on an almost complete strike against baby food and formula. It's still a little bit early for us to transition from formula to milk, but if things don't change soo, I think it may be sooner rather than later! She also does not want much of her baby food, but wants big people food. We got turned on to pasta earlier this week and I think Emma fell in love!

Emma has been crawling everywhere lately, so much that it was finally time to baby proof! We aren't completely done but have a good start, at least on the downstairs where we spend most of our time. We also got a playmat for Emma to play on in our bathroom while we are getting ready in the mornings, in just enough time for her to want to crawl right off and normally over the shower to try to open the shower doors. So needless to say, Wes and I usually shower with one foot stretched out so our toes can hold the shower doors closed. Man does that get chilly! :)

Emma went from pretty content in sitting still for almost 8 months, to crawling and trying to pull-up to standing everywhere. So far, she has a couple of favorite places. One being the bottom of the steps, one being on our family room ottoman and the other being on our TV stand (good think we got a new one when we did)!

Hey Mommy! Look what I can do!

Emma, unfortunately, LOVES the lights on the front of the cable box. :)
She still has a bit of a hard time pulling up on this toy because its a bit wobbly (just like she is haha), but she still loves her favorite toy!
In the next picture...I'm not sure whether Daddy is napping on Emma, or if Emma is napping on Daddy!
For a few weeks now, Emma has had a pretty big fear of older men, including her Pop! If another daycare Dad so much as looks at Emma, she will sometimes burst into tears, so you can imagine how terrible we feel when she does that to her own Pop! Well, finally, after spending some good playtime with Pop, she not only let him hold her, but really got her laughing and smiling by the end of the night!
I love this picture, because I think they have the exact same expression on their faces!!
The more and more Emma explores, the more interesting places we find her. The other day, all we could see was feet coming out from behind the couch and wall space. But sure enough, look who was peeking around the corner!

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