Great Weekend! New Updates!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We had a great weekend and enjoyed some fun events and Emma did great at all of them! Friday night we just relaxed at home and went on a walk around the neighborhood. We knew that Emma had a big weekend ahead of her so we wanted to make sure that she got a good nights sleep.

Saturday, we headed off to one of my friend's surprise 30th Birthday party! I haven't seen this friend in way too long, so it was great to catch up and Emma LOVED playing with all the little ones there. There were these two little boys, that she really took a liking too (watch out Daddy) and had a blast laughing and playing with them. I think they were in love just as much as she was! Of course, right at 7:00PM on the dot, Emma started to get really cranky because that is her usual bedtime so we headed off to Mimi and Pop's to pick up a car that we are going to borrow for a little while (long story short, Daddy got in a car accident Friday morning and thankfully didn't get a scratch, but one of our cars wasn't so lucky). We didn't expect to be at Mimi and Pop's for long give the cranky baby that we left the party with, but she must have gotten her second wind and she was wide awake and having a good time playing when we got there!

Sunday morning was a really interesting wake up. I woke up to Emma fish mobile (which we call Shish-ies) playing which was weird because we had just lowered her crib mattress the previous weekend so she can't kick it like she used to. Since I didn't hear a peep before, I couldn't figure out how it happened so I turned on our video monitor to see my tiny baby sitting up in her crib! Keep in mind, this was at 5:00AM sharp, so I was pretty out of it, so it took me a minute to realize what was happening haha. I decided to give her a few more minutes and so I checked again about 5:10 because it was extremely quiet and there was no more Shishy on, then Shishy off, then Shishy on, then Shishy I had been hearing. I once again turned on the monitor to find Emma completely asleep, hunched over her stuffed bear, sitting up! I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I walked in and she jumped with the sound of the door opening! I thought I would see if she would go back to sleep so I fled the scene and got back into bed. Well, about 5:20AM I gave up because I just couldn't sleep through Shishy on, Shishy off, then Shishy on, then Shishy off....etc. Haha!

We headed out early Sunday morning to the March for Babies. As you might recall, we did this last year but that was a whole different story. We met up with Emma's BFF Meredith and her parents and brother but boy was it cold and early!! We took Shamus along with us as well so boy did we have our hands full! Shamie and Daddy spent about the first half mile off to the side on their own since Shamie was going a little crazy!

Since it was such an early morning, Wes and I didn't have time for breakfast so we fell mercy to the breakfast that was provided, which was snack bars and coffee (although it was so cold the coffee hit the spot)!

At first, Emma was on board and ready to go! She was armed with her waffle from breakfast, a new diaper, warm clothes and some toys so what could go wrong right?

Well, we started in the front/middle of the pack and ended up almost completely last because of all the stops we had to make for either Emma or Shamus haha! So good thing it wasn't a race! It took us longer then expected but Emma did great considering it was during her nap time and she never actually slept! So by the end, she had enough of the outdoors and wanted nothing else to do with it! Ha!

Emma has been changing by the day lately! She is still working on getting this crawling thing down but she is getting better at it and can at least make her way across a room now! She is also pointing a lot (just learned that last week) which is kind of cool to actually know what she is "talking" about. Her vocabulary has increased to Mama, Dada and Nana (for Banana) and she is working on her "Sh" sounds, no doubt for "Shamie".

Emma is still extremely laid back and a happy baby. She still isn't much of a formula drinker but loves table food. She hated yogurt the first time she had it but has grown to love it. She also LOVES any kind of pancake, waffle or cinnamon toast in the morning. We have tried real meat (chicken only so far) but she can't quite get that down yet, she usually chews it for about 5 minutes, and then starts to that's when Mommy gives up and fishes it out of her mouth haha. Her latest love is cheese (which again, is right after her Daddy) and she is getting better and better at drinking out of a cup. She is pretty much a stickler for her routine but is getting much better at dealing with being outside of it, at least during the day. Wake up and bed time seem to be pretty written in stone! Her favorite song is still "If You're Happy and You Know It..." and she is very good at going from sitting to crawling and then back again. Just this weekend, Emma started trying to pull up to standing! She has done it once or twice but is much better at pulling up to her knees for now. I am just waiting for the day that I walk in to get her out of her crib and she is standing up!

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