Yup. Life's Still Crazy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Despite having a rough week with having to say goodbye to my buddy, we are still managing to have some fun too. I don't know what I would do without these babies. It's hard to imagine what life was like without them.

The fun in our house starts bright and early in the mornings. Most often than not, before the sun is shining.

I've mentioned a couple of times before about Emma's love for all things girly. She has always loved shopping, painting her fingernails, wearing dresses, etc, but lately she has kicked it up a notch and now loves to get ready in the mornings with Mommy. More specifically, use "makeups".

And no, I'm not a Toddlers and Tiara kind of mom where I send my kid to the library with makeup at the age of two. It's fun. It's part of our special Mommy-Emma time that we get to have everyday, no matter how crazy life and work gets.

Emma likes to keep putting all her "makeups" on one cheek. Oh, and yes, her hair has mouse in it, which she also does everyday after "makeups".

Although The Squishy does not take part in the morning hair and makeup routine, he is usually found cruising the bathroom with Mommy's pink brush. Which he normally just uses to bang against the side of the tub so Mommy and Daddy are sure to be awake.

The kids usually have their baths when home during the day throughout the week, but after a particularly messy dinner, or just an all around good night, we will do bath time at night as well.

What's bath time without a little crazy hair?

The Squishy was front and center showing off his crazy hair...

But Emma was being camera shy. You think she already knows that I fully intend to embarrass her later in life with bath time pictures?!?!

Oh, and for all you moms out there with little ones...notice the color of the bath water? Yeah. Elmo colors. Big fun. Highly recommended. Emma can't take bubble baths very often because of her VUR, so this is an awesome change for bath time, and it doesn't stain anything (big win for the moms). Check them out.

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