Shaun T's New Workout Is HERE! Insanity Max 30 Details!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shaun T's New Workout Is HERE! Insanity Max 30 Details!
GAH! It's here!! Shaun T's new workout, Insanity Max 30 has officially launched and guess who is signed up and ready to kick things off starting January 5th!! And guess who is going to be my early morning workout buddy but didn't know what he got signed up for?!?!

Insanity Max 30 Program Details!
Shaun T’s new workout, Insanity Max 30, has been one of the biggest releases yet and I KNOW is going to sell out fast!

Get this, each workout is ONLY 30 minutes long but is going to give you the workout of your life. The goal isn't to get through the whole 30 minutes either. The goal is to go as hard as you possibly can and "max out". It's a 60 day program, where you workout 5 days a week. It has 150 new cardio and strength moves that are, well, for lack of better words, insane.


Insanity Max 30: What is "Maxing Out"?
Basically, maxing out is the point that you just can't do any more OR the point at which you can do any more without losing proper form. So even if you might be able to struggle through but you are getting sloppy and can't hold form? Yup, you've maxed out. The idea is that you keep track of the time when you "max out" in each workout and then when you come back to do that workout again, the goal is to just beat your previous max out time. That's probably the thing I love the most about Insanity Max 30, it's like a competition with yourself!

Insanity Max 30 
Insanity Max 30: Am I Ready?!?!
Here's my second favorite thing about the program. It's a seriously challenging program but you can start it no matter where you are in your fitness level. I am still only a few months out of finishing treatment and I know I can do this program. There is a modifier the ENTIRE TIME and you get a serious workout even if you have to modify the entire time until you max out. So this is the perfect program for people who are just starting out, for people looking for a total transformation or for people who have already graduated from some of the extreme programs!
Insanity Max 30

Insanity Max 30 Program Includes...
Here's what you get with the program....
  • 12 different workouts on 10 DVDs
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Max Out Guide
  • Max Out Calendar
  • No Time to Cook Guide
  • PLUS 2 FREE bonus workouts, Pulse and Ab Attack:10
And you know why it doesn't include any equipment? Because you don't need any!

Insanity Max 30

Insanity Max 30 Workout Descriptions
Here's a little insider info on the description of each workout!

  • CARDIO CHALLENGE: 30 minutes of an insane cardio sequences. Welcome to Insanity Max 30 people. 
  • TABATA POWER: Strength training with traditional Tabata-style "20 seconds on, 10 seconds off" structure.
  • SWEAT INTERVALS: Just in case the cardio workout wasn't hard enough, great ready for sweat intervals.
  • TABATA STRENGTH: NO REST, Tabata-style strength workout. That's right…30 minutes, no rest. Eek.
  • FRIDAY FIGHT: ROUND 1: This is a battle between mind and body!
  • MAX OUT: CARDIO: Even more cardio in Month 2!
  • MAX OUT POWER: The intervals are longer in this "45 seconds on, 15 seconds off" Tabata-style workout!
  • MAX OUT SWEAT:  The more minutes, the more sweat and the more calories burned.
  • MAX OUT STRENGTH:  Arms, shoulders, chest, and core, "45 seconds on, 15 seconds off" Tabata-style routine.
  • FRIDAY FIGHT: ROUND 2: The new "hardest workout ever." Enough said.
Check out this Insanity Max 30 video here for more info!

Ready to Start?
If you are thinking this might be a good fit for you, but maybe you need a little support, just message me at and join our next accountability group where I'll be there to support you in any way I can! You can also purchase Insanity Max 30 Here!

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