7th Tooth & 1st Boyfriend

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Emma's seventh tooth popped through yesterday (which explains the overwhelming amount of drool that started to appear) and despite the soaked clothes, she still managed to start her first boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. :) Emma now has four top teeth and three bottom teeth.

There is a little boy named Landon, that is in the toddler room right next to Emma's Todfant room. From the minute Landon walked into Emma's room (sometimes they start together until most of the kids get there) he was stuck by her side. Apparently, from what Landon's teachers say, he isn't usually one to share any of his food or let anyone touch his face. Well, Emma crawled right over to him when he was eating his blueberry waffle and he handed it right over! Then, Emma decided to show everyone where Landon's nose was and he thought it was hilarious. She proceed to stand next to him while he was eating his breakfast and he took his little right arm, put it around Emma and started rubbing her back.

:::the room then went crazy:::

Emma then decided to play a little hard to get so she headed over to the books but couldn't reach them herself. Landon to the rescue!! He ran right over there, got a book, handed it to Emma and sat down right next to her. Normally, the two classes separate in a little later in the morning, and apparently Emma and Landon spend a lot of time standing at the door between the two classes talking through it and laughing. It's so tragic that a love like that has to be separated all day long!! Haha!! Emma loves Landon and he clearly loves her in return!!

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