Two Under Two!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 clearly I have been failing when it comes to updating the blog!! I have all of the best intentions but have been going to bed REALLY early lately but I have a really good excuse...

Baby #2 is on the way!!!

That's right!! Some of you may already know and I figure that it's never too early to blame stuff on pregnancy right?!?! Wes and I are incredibly excited and we have been dying to tell everyone the news! Baby #2's due date is March 23rd (which was actually moved up one week from our original sonogram) so I am 13 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! Only three days away from my 2nd trimester! So Emma will be just about 21 months old I think when Baby #2 joins the family! Uh oh! Two under two!!

So far this pregnancy has been a little easier to handle then with Emma. In most ways, I haven't been quite as sick. With Emma, I felt very sick pretty much morning, noon and night. With Baby #2 I have definitely felt sick, but so far have only gotten sick twice, and it seems to be the worst in the evenings. I started to feel much better about a week ago though with only a few random occurrences of nausea here and there this week. I have had a huge lack of energy though with Baby #2 and Wes has been amazing at taking care of me and keeping the house running when it's all I can do to get Emma's dinner and bath done before I am in bed! It's getting better by the day though!

We have had two sonograms so far and Baby #2 looks right on track! Our BIG sonogram is scheduled for Monday, October 25th where we will find out boy or girl!

This week, fingerprints formed on Baby #2's tiny fingertips, his/her veins and organs are clearly visible through the still-thin skin, and his/her body is starting to catch up with his/her head — which makes up just a third of the body size now. If we end up having a girl, she now has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Baby #2 is almost 3 inches long, about the size of a medium shrimp, and weighs nearly an ounce.

Emma has been doing really well lately. She is constantly in motion and is talking up a storm. She picks up a new word pretty much by the hour now and can repeat most words that you say (single words that is). Once and a while she can string two words together like "good girl" or "not nice", both of which she hears a lot at daycare. :) She even made a pretty good attempt at saying "octopus" the other day but it came out more like "oc-ta-paaaaaa". Haha! I still need to post some updated pictures!! She gave us a little scare over the weekend because she spiked a fever of 104.5 so we were off to the hospital. To make a long story short, she was tested for everything including another UTI, blood infection, RSV, flu, ear infections, you name it. Everything was negative so the doctors chalked it up to a virus. Luckily she made a quick recovery but whoa, that was scary!! Because of Emma's VUR, it's a pretty big deal if she gets another UTI so that is one of my biggest fears and I was convinced that's what we were looking at when her fever spiked that high with no other symptoms. But luckily her urine culture was negative. Shew!!

Well, hopefully now that things are starting to calm down and I am starting to feel better I can keep up with the posting! Fingers crossed! :)


  1. You know Laura - just because I gave you back your maternity clothes, didn't mean you had to start trying for #2 :) I wasn't implying anything :) Seriously though - I'm so happy for you and Wes! And just like the last one - enjoy these next few months :)

  2. Congratulations Laura and Wes. Tim, Annabelle and I are so excited for you guys. You'll have to tell me come March how 2u2 is going. I bet Emma will be a great big sister.

  3. Congratulations on Baby #2!!! I'm sure Emma will be a wonderful older sister.


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