Update on TumbleBees & Emma's Portis!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emma is getting harder and harder to get good pictures of (okay, so it's really just that I have been slacking with practicing my photography and now that she moves so fast, I can't keep up) but here are a few updated snapshots!!

Emma playing at the little playground at the end of our street!

Wes came up with the idea to get Emma her first official pet! After some initial push back (because frankly we have enough animals to take care of :) ) I gave in and so here is "Portis"! Emma's first fish (or "shishy" as she calls it).

This week we headed off to Emma's first ever TumbleBee's class and she absolutely LOVED it! I was a little nervous because Emma has gotten a bit shy when it comes to strangers (which I am totally okay with) lately so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Within about 5 seconds of walking into the room, she was off!! She didn't want anything to do with Mommy or Daddy and just wanted to do whatever the big kids were doing! Luckily, Daddy made it from work just in time so he was our official photographer. We did learn a lesson though in that we need to put the camera on a faster setting because most of our pictures ended up blurry because Emma was on the move!!

This is the little bouncy mattress that they have. Emma didn't do so much bouncing but she LOVED climbing up and down, up and down, up and down and she would scoot on her belly across the whole thing! PS: Please disregard the 14 week baby belly which doesn't quite look like a "baby belly" yet, just looks like I gained weight! Ack!

Emma was just a bit small for this part. She could totally climb up herself, but didn't quite understand the concept that she had to step on the bars to get across. So needless to say Mommy did most of the work on this one! :)

What I loved about the class was that they gave the kids a good 20 minutes to just explore and go crazy and get used to the room. So by the time we started circle time, they had worked out most of the crazy energy. At least everyone but Emma. :) In most of the pictures you will see all the little ones sitting nicely in front of their parents on their little black mats. Yeah...that lasted all of about 10 seconds with Emma, and then she spent most of the rest of circle time, right in the middle of the circle. :) Here she is sitting on someone else's little mat. :)

Here is a good example of most of the little ones with their parents...and Emma front and center!

She LOVED the popcorn song where they sat on the balls and bounced up and down and then we threw them up in the air! Needless to say that was a little tricky being exhausted and 14 weeks pregnant...so I'm not sure how far Emma is going to go flying as the weeks go by. :)

She also had a great time on the rings!

Then came bubble time! Emma absolutely LOVES bubbles so she was once again, right in the mix! Do you see the little girl to the left of Emma with the big white bow? She and Emma were the youngest in the class, the little girl is about a month younger than Emma and check out that long hair!!! Whoa!!!

To end class, all the little ones got these little wooden sticks to play with and sign songs with. It was really cute! Emma even did a great job putting her toys away at the end!

These are just two other random snapshots that we have taken lately. Emma has this really funny surprise face and we have been trying to catch it on camera for weeks now! I caught the tail end of it one night this week and couldn't resist posting it. Of course it was on pasta night so she is a mess!! :)

She also loves to play in the bath with the wash cloth on her head! Hahaha!

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