Walking for Muzzy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This morning, Wes, Emma and I headed out bright and early to join in on the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk for my late grandmother Julia (or as she was known to us...Muzzy). Today brought back so many good memories of Muzzy even though it was tough to participate at the same time. I would give anything to have Muzzy back and to have her meet and play with Emma (and soon to be Emma's little brother), but I know with my whole heart, that she is watching over all of us!

Muzzy had Alzheimer's.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever been through in my life, and I can't even imagine how hard it was for her two sons. To walk into a room and see someone that means the entire world to you, only to have them look back at you and not recognize you, or not be able to say your name because they don't know who you are, is absolutely heartbreaking. My heart goes out to anyone who has a friend or family member struggling with this disease, because it's almost unbearable. But luckily, there are events like the Memory Walk all over the country where we can participate and even if we only raise $200, that's $200 that goes towards hopefully finding a cure one day. The thought of Emma or her baby brother having to go through what my parents went through with Muzzy....I can't even begin to think about it.

Although it was really cold this morning, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and my baby was cuter than ever. :) She got so excited every time she saw a dog, she would scream outloud!!

Here she is getting ready to start the walk holding hands with her Daddy.
This is one of my new favorite pictures.:)

All bundled up and walking for our Muzzy!!

By the time we got in the car, Emma was frozen solid. :) But nothing like a little juice, two animal friends and a warm blanky to make you get warm and toasty again. :)

About 30 seconds later...she was fast asleep, maybe even dreaming about what her Muzzy was like. :)

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