The Squishy @ 8 Months Old

Friday, December 9, 2011

Age: 8 Months Old! (Almost 9 Months!)

Weight: 20 lbs & some change

Height: The Squishy is heading back to the doctors in two weeks for his 9 month check-up so we will have official updated stats soon!

Size: Jackson is pretty much in 12 months clothes now, with a few exceptions where his 9 months clothes fit (depending on the brand). The majority of his 9 month clothes are pretty tight. Squishy is very broad, so they might fit in length, but in the waist and shoulders its pretty tight. Although, I'm pretty sure he is wearing one of his big sister's 18 month onesies in the pictures below. :)

Movement: Does.Not.Stop. The Squishy has been pulling himself up to standing for over a month now and is now also "walking" down furniture. He can even "walk" across the floor using his big sister's shopping cart so we are guessing that it's only a matter of time before he starts to try to take his first few steps. He doesn't stop moving, ever. From the minute he wakes up he is on the go, until he crashes at nighttime.
Teeth: Squishy finally had his two bottom teeth pop through a little while ago, and every day we are waiting to see those top two little guys pop through but he has a really hard time cutting teeth and it seems to take him a long time.

Sleeping: Jackson is still pretty consistent with his sleeping and not too much change here. He is able to stay awake on most nights now until just about 8:00PM, and sleeps until about 6:30/7:00AM in the morning. He still needs two naps a day, but his morning nap is starting to get pushed out a bit and he only sleeps for 30 - 60 minutes. Then he goes down again the afternoon around 1:00 for anywhere between an hour and a half to three hours. He is a lot easier to put to bed now though and usually doesn't put up much of a fight. At nighttime, he is so ready that he usually doesn't even make a peep.

Eating: The Squishy is an eater. He is still mostly on baby food but clearly craves "big people" food and when given the chance, will eat about twice as much as his sister. For breakfast he usually has some fruit and cereal, maybe some yogurt and then a ton of Cheerios or part of a cereal bar. For lunch, its a vegetable with cereal, usually a whole yogurt and then some more Cheerios or puffs. Dinner is usually pretty similar to lunch although we have started to give him more "real" food like grilled cheese (which he will eat an entire half of after his fruit or vegetable) or some plain pasta. Squishy still seems to gravitate more towards the homemade food so I try to make the majority of his food. He will tolerate blended chicken but is not a big fan of it after it gets frozen. He still has his bottles as well, 6 ounces, four times a day.

Milestones: Standing and walking with assistance!!! He now says Mama too!!

Favorite Things: Squishy's favorite things are pretty much still the same as well. The remote control, any type of dog toy, and his big sister.

Dislikes: Overall Jackson doesn't have too many dislikes. He still REALLY wants his own crib when its bedtime and he isn't really one to fall asleep if you are holding him. He just wants his bed. There aren't really any foods that he dislikes now, the little chow-hound will pretty much eat anything at this point.

Words: Mama!!!!!

Personality: The Squishy very much takes after his sister in the fact that he is one happy baby. Given a normal night of sleep and normal nap schedule, he is just a happy little guy and just always on the move. He plays so hard, that he crashes hard at night. He is a lover. He is a snuggler (on his own terms though) and he is still flirting with all the ladies. He has an incredible level of determination and if he wants something, he is going to do everything that he possible can to get it. If you take it away, he will yell at you. :) Jackson is very much becoming a mama's boy (which I love). If he is hurt, he wants The Mama. If he is tired, he wants The Mama. If it he ready to rumble though, he wants to rough-house and wrestle with Daddy. Boy does he love his big sister. He just wants to keep up with her and be with her and play. He glows when she gives him her attention. :)

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