Some Things Never Change...

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's been yet another crazy couple of weeks with one sick Squishy, crazy hours at work, and then followed up by one sick Emma. But hopefully, the babies seem to be on the mend just in time for Easter weekend.

Every night, I sneak in the babies rooms after they are fast asleep to give them one extra kiss and one extra check before I head to bed. I was thinking the other day after walking in on Emma, how it seems like our life changes daily now. Every day something is different. Emma learning to dress herself or being potty trained. Jackson learning a new word or learning how to point to Mama's eyes. For once though, I thought about how even with all the things that are changing on a daily basis, some things, some very little things, remain the same. And how I wish they could remain the same for forever.

It's also amazing to watch how the babies keep some of the same habits as they get older. A perfect example....

Here is my baby Emma Kathryn, fast asleep, just before she turned one.

And here is my not-so-baby Emma Kathryn, at two and half, fast asleep, with Pink Bear still in the same spot every.single.night.

Note to self: Pinky needs a trip to the washing machine. :)

1 comment :

  1. Thats my baby girl....she will always be my little girl. That pink bear finds it way to same place every night, across her face or laying right on top of her.


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