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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shew!! The little one sure has kept us busy over the past couple of days, ergo the lack of posting! Everyone is doing really well and Emma is growing like a weed! We are heading back to the doctors for her one month appointment on Monday so we will have an update on her weight but we are guessing she is in the mid 7-s already! She is finally getting chunky!!

Everyday is different then the last with her as she is still trying to get into her routine. Overall though, Emma is awake and much more alert then a few weeks ago. Today for example, she was awake from about 8:00AM to 2:00PM! Wow! She has her fussy days but overall is a really easy baby (which I hear the first one is always the good one). Nights are still a challenge and she again has better nights then others but on average gets up about 2 times a night, with the 3rd time being right about when Daddy is heading to work, so Mommy and Emma get some snuggle time after that.

On Monday, Emma went on her first trip to the Maryland Science Center haha! Although she slept through most of it, she was awake for about an hour when we were going through the Kids Corner which has a ton of different colors and lights for her to look at. She celebrated her first trip there with an incredible poop explosion during lunch so we had a change of outfit in the ladies room. Poor thing was crying her little head off so I can only imagine what the women who came in thought I was doing to our child haha. After getting all cleaned up though, she was a much happier camper!

Wes's parents are visiting us now and Emma is loving all the extra attention and we are certainly loving all the help! I ended up coming down with a pretty high fever last week (which also explains the lack of posting). Because of the fever, my breast milk had really "dried up" or at least I had a really hard time pumping so we ended up having to start Emma on some formula because I couldn't keep up with her. She has definitely hit a growth spurt and now eats about 4 ounces every 3 hours which I just couldn't supply after the fever. She took to both the bottle and the formula really easily which was a pleasant surprise. We are still supplementing with breast milk as much as possible, but I still haven't been able to get back to where I was pre-fever. Although I was disappointed we had to start supplementing so soon, I have to admit that it was quite a relief to be able to share the feeding duties!

Emma had her first "awake" smile yesterday, on July 24th too! She smiles a lot while asleep but for the first time she smiled while I was "playing" with her yesterday. I thought it was a fluke but then she did it again in the evening, so that was really fun to see!! Then, she did it again this morning! I love it! She is changing by the day and is growing faster then I could ever imagine!

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  1. Aw Laura! Again she is just too cute for words. Glad things are going so well. She is already a month old right? Can't believe how time flies. Love your updates.


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