First Week Update!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Well, we are doing really well at home after our first full week with our daughter! I can't believe that we are parents (poor child haha). We came home from the hospital actually a week ago today, and were surprisingly rested after the first few days at home (we knew it was too good to be true). Our little peanut is quiet the sleeper and could sleep for 5-6 hours straight at night! However, when we went to her first pediatrician's appointment she had lost a little too much weight so we are now on a more strict feeding schedule. Emma is still a good sleeper (sometimes too good) and we actually have a hard time waking her up for feedings!! More so during the day though. Yesterday, after blowing on her face, taking her clothes off, flicking her heels and changing her diaper I actually dipped her feet in cold water and she STILL didn't wake up! She is getting the hang of the night feedings though and we are starting to notice that she is gaining some weight back so it looks like the marathon feedings have been doing the trick! Although its been a little tough on Mommy, it sure has been good for dropping the weight!!

All in all we are doing really well! Today was Daddy's first day back at work so that was pretty hard on him I think but Mommy and Emma spent some special time together this morning and then Mimi came up to help us around the house and gave me a break this afternoon where I could nap (which made a big difference)!

We had a pretty relaxed 4th of July, but were able to finally get out of the house and head to my parents on Sunday for a cookout. We did pretty good! We made it until about 7:00PM before both of us looked pretty exhausted and had to call it a night haha. It felt soooo good though to finally get out of the house!

So things are moving right along! I think we are doing pretty good and settling into our routine and I also think we got really lucky with an amazing baby! She was passed around from family member to family member for a good 6 hours on Sunday and barely even noticed!! She has also (knock on wood) been really good during the late night feedings and usually goes right back to sleep after a quick diaper change and feeding. I am absolutely loving being a Mommy and Wes is an amazing father already.

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  1. She is just too adorable! I'm glad you got out of the house on Sunday. Yeah for family.


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