A Great Weekend & A Bad Morning!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We had a great time this past weekend and started our first big family tradition (hopefully). We went for the first time ever to actually go cut down a Christmas Tree! I think what made this so special for us was that neither Wes or I have ever done this before with our families, so it was just something fun and new that we could make our own.

The weather was pretty questionable when we left the house Saturday morning. It was about 40 degrees and rainy and Emma was pretty fussy from her cold. Needless to say, we were expecting a rough trip and just thought "hey, won't this be a funny story to tell Emma when she is older. We can tell her all about how her first Christmas tree cutting was miserable. Haha." It actually turned out to be the contrary (which is an even better story to tell). We drove for just about an hour to a tree farm and by the time we got there, Emma had a good nap in the car and the rain turned into huge snow flakes! So we packed up Emma in her hat and gloves and strapped her in the Baby Bjorn (which we use all the time now and Emma loves it..thanks Aunt Leslie!!) and off we went in search of the perfect tree! It didn't take us too long to find the one we wanted and Wes had it cut down in no-time flat. We bought a new tree stand, and tied down the tree to the top of our car and off we went!

A few lessons learned from our first Christmas tree cutting:
  1. Laura should wear boots, not sneakers. Boy my tootsies were cold and wet by the time we left!

  2. Wes should bring thicker, water repellent gloves and a change of clothes for the ride home! Laying on that cold, wet ground made for a chilly ride home!

  3. Make sure we have rope to tie down the tree! We were assuming they would give us some, but nope! Luckily, we had a few bungee cords in the back of the explorer but shew!
  4. If a tree looks medium size in the field, it will look extra big in the house! Ha!

We brought the camera but didn't get too many shots since my hands were full with Tiny and an umbrella and Wes was busy chopping down the tree. Here are a few pics from the website though to give you an idea! It was so much fun! They had hot chocolate, tracker rides, fresh wreaths and so much more!

On Sunday, I left Emma at home with Daddy and had a day with the girls! Mimi, Aunt Mary and Lauren and Dana and I all headed to a dinner theatre for a local production of Annie! It was fabulous! The food was great and the show was even better!

That brings us to this morning, which unfortunately, wasn't so great! Wes and I woke up absolutely freezing to find out house a chilly 58 degrees because our heat cut out in the middle of the night! Poor Emma was frozen solid! So Wes is working from home today awaiting the repair man. To top it all off, Emma still has a cold and has a lot of mucus that she tends to choke on. So right after I was done feeding her, she sat up, coughed a few times, then choked which made her BARF everywhere! Even though she only drank 4 ounces, I swear 5 or 6 came out!! I was soaked from head to toe!! YUCK!! But, leave it to our happy little baby, she was smiling and giggling not 5 seconds later!

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