Blizzard of 2010!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wow! I am sure almost everyone has heard about the Blizzard that just hit the East Coast so I am sure it's no surprise, but here where we are, got a total of about 26"! Crazy! It started yesterday evening and continued all through the night and finally ended about 2:00PM today. Although snow tends to be a lot of work, it can also be a lot of fun!! I was reminded today about how good it felt to come into a warm house after playing in the snow, having a hot shower to warm up and smell something delicious baking in the oven. You really can't beat having that great of a feeling and day!!

Here are a few pictures so far! This is Mommy and Emma getting ready to go romp around in the snow! Daddy had just come in from playing with Shamus so he was on camera duty!

And yes...that is three hoods on Emma. :) Her winter hat, her fleece hoodie-hood, and her state-puff winter jacket hood.

Something to keep in mind...although the pictures below don't look like the snow is THAT deep, keep in mind that we were actually standing on about a foot of snow that was packed to the ground. Shamus couldn't walk anywhere in the yard because he came up over his head, so we had to pack down a few areas so he could actually go outside. Check out the picture further down of the will get a good idea there. :)

Although Shamus had JUST come in, he couldn't get enough of the snow, so back out he came with Mommy and Emma! Gee...I wonder why he was snoring on the couch at 6:00PM this evening haha!
Although we did spend some of our day cleaning, it didn't seem to do too much good for this part of the house. Which every time we picked up, it ended up getting another pile of snowy clothes!

This is a view down the street...

Somewhere underneath all that snow is our grill. We have a 6' fence..and you can see about half of it here...

After the snow finally stopped in the afternoon, it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! Although snow can be a pain, there isn't much out there that can make the view outside your window this pretty.

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