Hold Your Breath!! Mommy & Me Swim Lessons!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Away we go!! I'm not sure what I am thinking signing up for something that will require me to fit into a bathing suit after having a baby and in the middle of winter but here goes nothing! Emma is all signed up for her new Mommy and Me (or Daddy and Me) swim class! It's a 6 week class that is every Saturday morning (starting in two weeks) and it's a beginner level program that puts Mom (or Dad) in the water with their infant/toddler as early as possible. The goal is to develop the natural instincts that a child has for the water, as well as the primary skills of buoyancy, propulsion and breath control.

There are mixed feelings about starting swimming so young so I am sure you will hear a lot of different opinions on this but being in the water whether it was in the Chesapeake Bay or the swimming pool in Ocean City are some of my favorite memories as a child. So, I would love to have water a big part in Emma's life as well (as long as she likes it obviously). I was thinking that it might help to introduce her to water and swimming before she is old enough to develop a fear of it, and that is exactly what this program is designed for.
I tend to agree with the people that say that children are born with a natural affinity for the water (heck, that's pretty much where they start from in the womb, so it's no surprise). The sooner they are started back in the water, the quicker they learn and the less likely it is that they will grow afraid of it.

Each half hour session is supervised by a specially trained instructor who will lead us through a series of exercises and activities that will be both fun and instructive for Emma. The weekly routine teaches kids their primary skills of buoyancy, propulsion and breath control. To top it all off, its just something fun to do with Emma instead of being cooped up in the house in the cold weather!

So stay tuned for our first review! Our first class is in two weeks! Actually the day after my 30th Birthday! Wow...so a bathing suit the day after I turn 30. That's going to be a rough day haha!

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