Tomorrow's A Big Day

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unfortunately, it's been a year since Emma's first DMSA scan for her VUR so we are heading back to John's Hopkins Hospital tomorrow afternoon for round two. Although this test is easier than the VCUG test that she also has to go through because she gets sedated during the test (where she doesn't during the VCUG) but that also means no food or drink after dinner tonight and an IV tomorrow. Now that she is older and been through a lot of tests and doctors, she has an incredible fear of doctors. So much so that she even freaks out if we take her to an appointment for Shamus at the vet. Needless to say tomorrow is not going to be fun.

She did well during her last DMSA scan other than waking up right in the middle of the sedation, so I'm hoping she does just as well this time around (sans the waking up part of course)!

So wish us luck!

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