Girls Night Out!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm not usually a big "going out" fan anymore. I've been that way for a while. I think it's built into my and the hubby's DNA. Don't get me wrong, we will go out to dinner, but usually not until a Birthday or Anniversary comes up. Even when we were dating, we were always the "lets order in" or "lets get the food and bring it back" kind of people. I think it was our first Valentine's Day where we tried to go out to eat, waited for a table for about 2 hours, got our food to go and ate it in the hubby's living room.

Having said that, my love of "girls night out" has been growing since being a mom. Not because we get crazy and go dancing, but it's one of the very few places that I feel like me again. Not the mom-me. Not the employee-me. Not the wife-me. Not the sibling-me. Just me. Yes, we are lame and we talk about our kids, but we get it. We are all moms and that pretty much consumes all of us (which is should - it is the biggest most important and rewarding job there is), but its just nice to have other people get it.

I usually end up feeling guilty about going out for girls night. But it usually only lasts for 20 minutes. :) 

Sometimes its just nice to feel free, even if its for a couple of hours. Free to say what we are thinking and feeling without worrying about who is listening, or what will happen if someone accidently says "damn", or to pretend that we are the carefree, perfect moms that we all try to be (or secretly wish we were). It's about not having to hide about being able to relax, be ourselves and be accepted for just that. It's about not having anyone ask you anything, require assistance or touch you. It's about not having to wipe any noses, or fight with someone that its time to go to bed. It's about finding your way back to that inner rock star that you used to be, even it is just for dinner and a movie.

So here's to wearing your hair down, painting your fingernails, and putting on a pair of high heels even for just a few hours, to just be yourself again.

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