The Squishy @ 13 Months!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I know, I know, long time no blog. Now even the hubby is getting on my case! Sheesh! A girl just can't catch a break!! Anyway...I'm a month late in posting this (ergo the title of The Squishy @ 13 Months as opposed to The Squishy @ 1 Year like I had originally planned) but you get the idea. So, here's a little bit about our little manly, at a little over a year old.

Age: One Year! (13 Months)

Weight: 22 lbs (50th Percentile) This was his weight from his one year checkup.

Height: 30 Inches (50th Percentile) This was his height from his one year checkup.

Size: Jackson "The Squishy" Odom is in all 18 month clothes now. Some of which are big, some of which fit perfectly depending on the brand. We tend to think that he is HUGE but I think its pretty much because his big sister is so small for her age (plus he is right in the middle of the curve at the 50th percentile for both height and weight, and being an engineer, I like data and curves so I tend to believe that first). Although he is starting to lose some of his baby fat, he sure still has hit baby chunk and I love it! His thighs are huge and he has the most manly, swollen little hands and feet. (They aren't really swollen, they just look like it they are so darn chunky!)

Dislikes: The last time I did this update, I think it was when Jackson was 8 months old and I said that overall, he didn't have too many dislikes. Well, boy has that changed! This little stinker has plenty of dislikes and certainly makes it known! One thing is pretty consistent though which is when he is tired, he just wants to go to sleep. He wants his bed and that's it. He is becoming more and more of a picky eater lately though and will eat some veggies, but not many. Lately, he hasn't been a big fan whatever kind of meat we are having for dinner, like chicken or pork or steak. Oh, and this kid HATES eggs. Won't touch scrambled eggs if his life depended on it. Yet will chow down on a crab cake given the chance. At this age, Emma loved to eat just plain ham or turkey (think lunch meat) but not The Squishy. Now if you put it on bread with some mayo, mustard and cheese, he will eat almost an entire sandwich.

Words: So this one is hard because Squishy started talking just around his first Birthday and had a couple of words. Mama, Dada and Hi. But then it was like he just decided to stop! So he has been pretty quiet lately but just recently started talking a lot more. We have heard several "Daddy"s, also "eye", lately, and randomly you might hear something that you think might have been a word, but then you won't hear it for a few weeks. It's pretty interesting to compare him to his big sister at this age though. At 13 months, Emma could say Mama, Dada, Duck, Fan, Cracker, Cupcake, Crab, Car, Cup, Pop, Papa, Dog, Ball and Emma. She also knew several animal sounds too when you asked  her. Squishy will repeat the sound of a dinosaur or a monkey, but won't make the sound on his own. He has really started trying though and its more than just the normal babble because he will say the same sounds (he thinks they are words) when pointing to something. So he is trying!

Personality: The Squishy continues to have the same personality as he grows, it just seems to magnify! He is still very much like his sister in the fact that he is one happy baby. We get lots of comments from strangers at how happy he is. Mostly because they don't live in our house from the hours of 5:30 to 7:30PM. :) That is one part where The Squishy is NOT like his sister. Every night, he gets VERY demanding for those two hours. I really don't know where it came from. I'm not the kind of mom that carries him around all night but you wouldn't think that from the way he follows me around and cries every night. Maybe it stems from his colic as an infant, who knows, but that is one thing that makes the evenings a bit tough. He continues to play hard, and then crash hard at night. He is still a lover. He is still a snuggler (on his own terms though) and he still loves flirting with the ladies. His level of determination has only increased and man is this little guy stubborn!! If you take something away from him and he disagrees with that decision, he continues to let you know that and now, does it by yelling and screaming and folding himself in half and laying on the floor. Yup. We are SO going to be THOSE parents with the kid flapping around like a fish out of water screaming on the floor in Target. Despite his manly little temper tantrums, The Squishy is still a mama's boy (at least so far) and I can't help but just soak up every last minute of it. 

Eating: Overall, Jackson continues to be a pretty good eater, despite having his picky days. He was extremely easy to transition to "people" food as we call it from his baby food which he gladly gave up. He has also been on whole milk since his birthday weekend. He is learning to use a fork and spoon now as well! He still can't be trusted with a plate or bowl full or anything because it will end up on his head, but, so far so good with the fork and spoon. At this point, Emma was still getting a couple bottles (partly because I really didn't know when to transition her and we also switched pediatricians and our new pediatrician was pro-sippy cups and regular cups a little earlier).

Milestones: I'm sure that I am going to forget something here because there seems to be a new milestone everyday! So off the top of my head, Jackson started walking at 10 months, and is now learning to walk backwards, sideways and is even starting to run (mostly when he gets wind of Mommy or Daddy wanting to take something away from him). :) The Squishy is big into pointing now as well, and talking (like I mentioned above). Oh! And this kid can bust a move! Bring on the dancing shoes!

Favorite Things: Hmmm, let's see. Well, first and foremost, The Squishy's favorite stuffed animal is his abominable snowman! Abominable snowman is to Jackson, as Pink Bear is to Emma. He does take after his sister in this category as well as he loves stuffed animals! He loves to play outside and isn't afraid of the dirt by any means. The Squishy also loves his big sister. Just recently, he is started to pay more attention to television (and yes, we are THOSE horrible parents that let their one year old watch a TV show every now and then). He seems to be a big fan of The Fresh Beat Band.

Movement: Yes. All the time. :)

Teeth: He hasn't cut any teeth in a few months though and still has his top four and bottom two.

Sleeping: Just around his first birthday we started to transition the Squishy down to one nap. It was touch and go for a few weeks, and we even backed off a little because the little man sometimes still needed that cat nap to get him through the morning. He is fully on one nap though now, and usually sleeps from 1:00 to 3:30 or so. Granted, he seems to do much better during the week than on the weekends when he is famous for sleeping for an hour total. Stinker. He is pretty consistent with his bedtime and is usually down at 7:30. Sometimes we might stretch it to 8:00 if he had a great nap, and there are a lot of nights where its a stretch to get him to 7:00PM on short naps. The Squishy usually "sleeps in" until about 6:30 in the morning. Oh, and just like his big sissy, he still sleeps in the same position every night. On his belly, snuggled up tight with "Bom Bom".

So there you have it! I am sure there is a lot that I am forgetting, but this little man keeps us on our toes for sure. I can't wait to see what he is like as he grows older. As long as he keeps that love of snuggling his Mama, we will be okay. :)

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  1. I am SHOCKED at how similar Parker and Jackson are!!! I feel like I'm reading a summary of Parker from a few months ago! I think we both are in trouble ;)


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