You know you're a mom when...

Monday, May 21, 2012

There seem to be a lot of things that happen to me throughout the day where I stop and think "You know, only another Mom would understand that". So I started to write those things down, and this is what I came up with.

Here is my top ten list of things that happen, only when you are a mom, and that only other mom's truly understand.
  1. It looks like you have a french manicure, but really, it's just Desitin stuck under your fingernails.
  2. Your iPhone smells like bananas one day, and pancakes the next.
  3. You are late for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, except girls night out, for which you show up four hours early for. 
  4. Your kids have nicer shoes and clothes then you do.
  5. Your husband comments on how nice you look dressed up when are wearing a pair of jeans, and a tee-shirt that doesn't have any stains on it.
  6. It makes your week to have an uninterrupted shower without tiny little hands banging on the shower door, or sifting through the trash, or throwing a toy in the toilet or poking a sibling in the eye.
  7. You walk around for at least an hour and a half every day with a Cheerio stuck to you in some unknown location. Oh, and it's location is only "unknown" to you. Everyone else knows where it is.
  8. You haven't gone to the bathroom by yourself in three years.
  9. Someone asks you to borrow a nickel, and in order to find it at the bottom of your purse, you have to pull out two diapers, a sippy cup, some type of container of Cheerios (sans the one stuck to your "unknown location"), a bottle of Tylenol, three bottles of hand sanitizer, an extra outfit and thirty seven coupons to Gymboree.
  10. You would give your own life for your babies, without even thinking about it for a second.

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