They Will Always Be My Babies

Friday, October 26, 2012

Remember this post about how hard it was to see how life changes so much every day, but yet at the same time some things stay the same? Well, I couldn't help but start the feel the same way lately, and it took a blog post to remind me that even though our lives and our babies get bigger every day, they will always have little pieces of them from when they were babies.

I can't believe my Emma Kathryn is three years old, and my Squishy gets bigger by the day. We are going to be planning his 2nd Birthday in no time. Although it doesn't seem like much and they still seem so little, its like they got this big in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday Emma was in her crib, and just yesterday, we were trying to teach Foofy to crawl. Now we are in big girl beds and my baby boy is putting multiple words together (and you can actually communicate with the little naughty now haha).

They are so different in so many ways, but if you look close, you can find lots of little ways they are alike.

Case in point.

I feel like I am just going to wake up one morning and they are going to be married and have babies of their own. But for now, they are my babies, always will be, just in bigger packages later in life.

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