Typical Saturday Morning

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Okay, so I couldn't help but post these pictures as my next "catch up" post. They make hysterical every time I look at them. Weekends tend to be pretty entertaining around our house these days. Weekdays are as well, but they tend to be filled more with tired babies and trying to squeeze in dinner and baths and coloring and snuggles all before bedtime. Our weekends lately have been pretty relaxing as I think we are all exhausted from the week.

Granted, we will still have our crazy weekends filled with lots of errands or birthday parties etc, but lately I have been loving the fact that life has seemed to slow down for us, even for just those two days once and a while. On those days, Emma usually starts out by asking Mommy and Daddy to have "a jammie day". To which I never refuse. If you know me, you know I like my comfy clothes. About 10 minutes later though, Emma is usually asking to wear a "beautiful dress".

So much for jammie day.

Once Emma is in her "beautiful dress", the accessories start piling on. First comes the necklaces, usually followed by some of her princess rings. Then come the sunglasses and asking Mommy for a pony tail (that's my girl!). She recently got wind of some of Mommy's headband-thingy-ma-jigs, so those are now some of standard accessories.

Case in point. This was Saturday morning. We weren't going anywhere.

Of course, little manly is not far behind. He is VERY into whatever his big sister is doing, so without fail, on go the sunglasses and necklaces. And yes, on multiple occasions, he too plays dress up with his big sister. At least he wears the blue princess dress. Although the Snow White dress really brings out his eyes. :)

Case in point. This was also Saturday morning. At least Jack stuck partly with jammie day.

I pity the fool!!!

And yes, I am fully aware that his hair is outrageous. We actually went later in the day to get it cut, then back again on Sunday to get it fixed again. Ack.

Now is where it gets good. You can't have kids dressed up like this and NOT break out the camera. So Mommy usually runs around trying to find the camera, and hoping that she can get the settings right before the babies lose interest in smiling (sometimes, they are actually into it without Mommy having to bribe them)!

This time, they were into it because they were sitting on a Dora potty. Go figure.

After taking some shots of them sitting down, I asked Emma to do a pose. She usually sticks her left hand up in the air, but this time, I got the cutest smile. I seemed to be having some good luck with the kids and pictures so why not keep things rolling right?

So naturally, I asked The Squishy to do a pose. And I'm not kidding. This is what he did....

You can put the boy in as many dresses and necklaces as you want, but he will always be a boy.

I don't know whether he then was embarrassed, trying to eat what just came out of his nose, or blowing kisses.

I think I'll go with blowing kisses. :)

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