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Friday, May 17, 2013

Rather then making one post about everything that we have been up to over the past two months, I decided to combine them all into one so it didn't take me until 2017 to finish! As you can see, we have been pretty busy, had a rough couple of weeks in the middle there, but we also had a lot of fun!

There were several strokes of Mommy genius which ultimately turned out to not-so-Mommy genius, like the time I tried to be the chef in the house and cooked my chicken upside down (yup, that's why Daddy's the chef). There was also the time where I tried to be all super-mom and cut out an elephant shape in the kids toast, and attempted to cook an elephant shaped egg inside the toast. Yet another chef-ing FAIL. Both kids proceeded to eat the cut out elephant bread and didn't touch the majority of it.

We had spring pictures at school, work training for Mommy, a weekend at home with just Mommy and the babies as Daddy visited a friend (that's where the roller skates come into play), some promises of snow that never turned out so we made a cardboard fort, and some new attempts to be creative (and cheap with some DIY home projects). We were desperate for an updated spring wreath so I dismantled an old red/white one and hot glued on some pink and white flowers I had laying around the house. Not bad for spending $0! Does that make up for my lack of ability to cook?

We then got struck with the dreaded stomach virus where the kids got it the worst. Luckily, they were better in time for Jack's 2nd Birthday party complete with homemade Oreo cookie pops! But don't get too excited, that was about the only homemade thing at the party. #simplify.

It was then on to big kid gymnastics registration, parent teacher conferences at school, trips to home depot and more stomach viruses. Poor sissy got it the worst for sure. Somewhere in there we had Jack's 2 year checkup and found out he most likely has allergies and is probably allergic to dust. Ouch.

Then it was off to more gymnastics, birthday parties, and some more tiny home projects where Mommy got a little spray paint happy (our registers and mailbox look like new!!). Oh, and then some more stomach viruses.

::: head desk :::

Throw in lots of overtime for Mommy at work and there's our March in a nutshell!

Things started to calm down a bit in April and finally the weather started to warm up, so once all the stomach bugs were officially kicked, we spent a lot of time outside and got the kids their first 2013 snowballs. Of course being outside threw Jack into full blown allergy mode so it was back to the doctors for some nasal spray.

BTW: Have you ever tried to give a two year old nasal spray and have him inhale through his nose at the same time? Yeah, it's about as easy as it sounds.

Daddy and I did manage to squeak in a date night as a little early birthday celebration as well as a day off for a special trip to the zoo with the babies. Before we knew it, it was May and we were whipping up S'more teacher appreciation gifts, a mother's day celebration and a freshly painted dining room (more info to come on that one)!

Shew! I think that's about it! At least when it comes to the non-normal daily life stuff of cleaning, laundry, ironing, having full time jobs, etc. 

I have to say though, although it was a busy two months and we sure had our rough times with the stomach bug, I am LOVING life right now and soaking up every minute I can get with these crazy people that are my family.

Life is good.

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