Dining Room Updates!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

One of the reasons why this took so long was that I was just about ready to publish a good catch up post about what we have been up to in the summer and BAM! Lost the post and everything I typed up. #$*#$&#@$!!

So in the meantime, we will go with the quick and dirty Dining Room Update - Part 1!

After we decided to paint the playroom, I got this big itch to lighten the entire house! What a better spot to start than our old school dramatic brown painted dining room! We painted this color not long after we moved in and were trying to be all "whoa, look at me, I own a house and now I can be all dramatic with my paint now that I don't live in a white apartment anymore". Yeah, live and learn. We had also added some crown molding which I still love, but even that was in need of some touching up.

Here is an early before picture of what the room looked like for a while, complete with old school, awful curtains, and standard crooked brass light fixture.

Here is what the room looked like about five years later on Emma's first Birthday. As you can tell, not much changed. The only change we pretty much made was that we removed the curtains. I know. We are big time DIYers.

And here is what we ended up with after painting the same color as the playroom! Big difference no?

Not only did it incredibly brighten up the joint, but it gave me a new refreshed love of our dining room set which I was not a big fan of anymore. It was completely blending into the walls and now looks much better and definitely stands out. That picture was taken pretty much right after we completed the painting, and we have since made a little more progress prior to putting the house on the market. 

I originally made a new centerpiece with some light pinks and blushes, but turns out for photography reasons, our stager wanted the table set for pictures, which required a smaller centerpiece so that pretty much went right out the window (although I loved the color combination). 

While repainting, I did some extra caulking and also gave our crown molding a fresh coat of paint, which made a big difference! Wes also painted the ceiling which went from cream to a bright white, which again helped to brighten things up. 

It's funny to how even some of the smallest updates can make a difference! I even spray painted our old rusty icky registers and even that little makeover helped!

With the addition of our new awesome Door Casings, an updated (and inexpensive) chandelier and some new prints for the walls (which you can't really see), we were in business!


Let's take one more look at the before and the after for full effect!



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