5 Months & Rolling!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi Everyone! It has been a while since our last blog update but as you can imagine, Emma has been keeping us very busy! Since it has been so long, I am sure I am forgetting things to update but here goes!

Emma just turned 5 months old this past weekend (on Friday actually) and on that day, she decided it was FINALLY time to roll over! Ha! She is so laid back, she just wanted to take her time and finally rolled from her tummy to her back on Friday, November 27th! It was a big weekend because on that same day, she discovered she has feet ha! So diaper changing is about to get really interesting haha.

We had a great Thanksgiving and Emma even had her first taste of Mashed Potatoes and she was not a fan! The face was absolutely priceless but I'm not sure we can say much seeing that she gives that exact same face for her first bite of cereal everyday (like she hasn't been eating it for a few weeks now) haha. She is doing much better with her cereal (still makes a giant mess) but we are starting to slowly introduce her to some fruit as well.

Emma is now old enough to not only recognize Mommy and Daddy but also recognize who ISN'T Mommy or Daddy and doesn't like it! She isn't quite as easy to pass around to family members now because she doesn't "know" a lot of people yet and has gotten very clingy to Mommy especially (which is okay because I secretly LOVE it haha). She is a very cuddly baby but also wants her own time where she can stretch and yell and kick on the floor all by herself!

Emma and Mimi and I went shopping the day before Thanksgiving and she was such a good baby! We carted her all around this weekend from the mall, to Thanksgiving, to back to Mimi's house on Friday, then off to Costco on the weekend then down to Uncle Brian and Aunt Mary's house to celebrate her cousin Robert's 2nd Birthday. She had a great time playing with all the little ones and couldn't stop laughing at her big cousin Lauren and her friend as they were rolling a ball across the floor. She thought it was the funniest thing in the world!

Wes and I absolutely can't wait for the holidays, even though Emma won't remember a lick of Christmas and will probably sleep through most of it...but it just seems different this year.

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