What A Busy Weekend!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Before I get into the busy weekend that Emma had, I HAVE to post a little video of her. It's not the best quality but she just started to really laugh over the weekend and we had to capture it (on our digital camera). The video is from Saturday night. After a LONG day, Emma took a really good nap on the way home and was in a great mood. This was the first time we got her really laughing! She was laughing so hard, you can actually see her get freaked out at the end like "WHOA...What was that?"

You will have to ignore me acting like a fool in the video though haha. For some reason, if I just bobbed my head and said the word "cereal"...she thought it was the best thing in the world! This was right before bedtime which is why it was so dark out! The microphone was also covered up for the first 27 seconds...so you will hear her better after that haha.

Friday was Emma's first day back at daycare after being sick and we were so happy that she was able to go back and not miss her Halloween parade!! It was really cute and Wes and I got to join her! She was a little bit fussy when we got there (she has been pretty picky eating lately) so she was hungry when it started. We tried to feed her while walking which was pretty challenging but needless to say we were all the way in the back of the parade playing catchup the whole time haha! Here are a few pictures from the parade...

This is Daddy and Emma getting ready to leave for the parade! Emma was all dressed up in her Poodle costume!

This is how we spent most of the parade. Emma is over 13 lbs now so this is no easy task!

It wasn't very crowded where we were but in front of us it sure was. We paraded through a shopping center and all the store owners come out and watch and give the little ones candy. It was really cute!

Before we left, we tried to get a picture of Ms. Holly and Emma but the little poodle wasn't cooperating haha.

Wes had a friend come up on Friday night which usually means that Mommy and Emma are stuck upstairs because its PlayStation night. This time, we decided to go visit Mimi and Pop and we had a great time, just relaxing at their house and playing. Tiny was super tired and slept all the way home and went right to bed!

Then it was Halloween!! Saturday morning it was off to our Alzheimer's Memory Walk with Daddy and Mimi and although the weather was a little questionable, it held out for the most part. Since Emma wore her Poodle costume in the parade, she decided to wear her Pumpkin costume to the walk. Although it was a short walk, we had a good time and we thought about Muzzy a lot. We were doing this for her, and I could absolutely feel that she was watching down over us and was proud!

This is Mommy and Emma all ready for the walk! Doesn't she look excited?!?!

We met up with a couple of my coworkers at the walk and one of them has a daughter, Olivia, about three weeks older then Emma. Emma and Olivia have met a few times and actually look very alike! Olivia's mom makes the cutest headbands and they are actually interchangeable with different color flowers! I have to admit that I am usually not a big fan of baby headbands but these are adorable and they were kind enough to make Emma some too! We can't wait to go show them off!

Here is Emma modeling one of her new headbands! We have to put something there to distract everyone from her bald head!!

After the memory walk, we decided to head down to southern Maryland with Mimi to watch Cousin Lauren and Dana's soccer games. We had a great time (minus one little fussy bout) and man those girls are good at soccer! Emma was a trooper and held out for a long time and finally just couldn't take any more since it had been a big day...so she spent the rest of the soccer game in her stroller frowning haha.

Saturday night was also the first time we introduced Emma to cereal (which probably helps explain the videos haha). She LOVED it! We started out small with just a little bit in a 2 ounce bottle and she drank that right down. So we went with another little bit in another 2 ounce bottle and that was gone before we knew it!

We also are getting a lot closer to rolling over! Tiny doesn't really like tummy time so once and a while she will just get really wiggly and try to roll over from her back to her front. She can get herself all the way on her side, but she just can't seem to get over that darn arm!!

One year ago today, we actually found out that we were expecting little Emma! It seems like it was just yesterday and I remember it so well! I can't believe it has been a year though since the day we found out our lives would never be the same!

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