Junior Tumble-Bees Here We Come!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Emma is now all signed up for her first ever Junior Tumble-Bees class!! We will start in Septemeber and it runs through December and Emma is going to be joining one of her BFF's Meredith in class!!

Side note: Emma & Mere are total BFFs. The other day we went out to dinner with Mere and her big brother Preston and their parents and the whole way there Emma was in the back seat saying "Meeeeerrrrrrrrr", "Meeeeaaaaarrrrrrrr"....etc. It was adorable.

Junior Tumble-Bees is a parent-tot class which will allow Emma to explore, play, develop, and learn. Swinging, rolling, climbing, and jumping are all part of the curriculum as Emma will explore donut shapes, ladders, beams, bars, inclined mats, tunnels, trampoline, and parachutes. One of my favorite things about when Emma was in swimming lessons was that it was a dedicated 30 minutes every week that just Mommy and baby spent together. I am sure Daddy will come some too but I can't wait to have another set of special time with my baby!! I hope she loves it!!

The best part of this is that Emma gets to run around in a little tiny leotard!! Adorable!!


  1. Where is Emma taking classes at?

  2. Hi Jen! Emma's going to Harford Gymnastics up in Bel Air I guess? I haven't been there before but soon!


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