Nursery Ideas

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great weekend! Wes and I spent most of the weekend painting in the house before our things get delivered. We did manage to buy a few things that we have been desperate for, like a new kitchen table & chairs, along with two ceiling fans. Let the home renovations begin! We are in the middle of painting all our molding and doors, replacing all our door handles, hopefully installing ceramic tile in the hallway & kitchen and getting some real blinds. We figured we might as well try to do as much as we can before the baby arrives!

So, while we have been in the "home zone" I have been trying to save some ideas for the Nursery! I can not wait to start decorating it! Here are just a few pictures that I have saved so far... now we just need to know what we are having!


  1. I really like the nursery ideas. Good luck with all the home improvements. Tim and I are in the process of painting our living room now.

  2. Hi Jen! Good luck with your painting as well! I love painting because its a pretty inexpensive way to make a big difference! Have fun!


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