What A Weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shew! It was quite a weekend for Baby O! I took a vacation day on Friday so I could stay home and help Wes with some more unpacking and we had a good productive morning followed up by a trip to one of my favorite places...COSTCO! Woo hoo! After we got back I was pretty tired so I laid down for an afternoon nap and when I woke up, that's when all the "fun" started. I had some pretty bad cramping for the rest of the day and during the night. When I woke up on Saturday, it was still there and lasted throughout the day despite my attempt at resting and hydrating, etc. So we called the doctors office Saturday night and was told it was most likely Round Ligament Pain, which is basically a strong ligament that is attached to the uterus. As the uterus grows and moves, the ligament thickens and stretches and can be quite painful. So the advice by the doctor was to relax (done), hydrate (done), take some Tylenol (done) and wait it out. Well, Saturday night was again not fun and Sunday was even worse, followed by a very uncomfortable Sunday night.

So off we went Monday morning to my doctor's office just to double check and they were really understanding and ready for us when we came in. The doctor first listened to the heartbeat and said "Well, sounds like Baby is a lot happier then Mommy!" which was a relief! No matter how many times we hear it, that little heartbeat is music to our ears each time. So that was an immediate relief. The doctor also checked to make sure I wasn't dilating and that was also good news, so he sent us off later that afternoon to Harbor Hospital (which will be where I deliver) to have a sonogram. This was Wes's first time being able to see the baby on the sonogram so even though we were there for other reasons, it was amazing to see Wes watch the baby. Baby O once again looked great, weighs about 7 Ozs which is right on target and was bouncing around like a little bean. They did determine that I have a low-lying placenta that they will need to keep an eye on but it will most likely correct itself as the baby and uterus grow. So while we were there, Wes and I couldn't resist asking about the sex of Baby O, although we knew it was still a little early to find out. Well...the technician (who was the older sister of a high school friend haha) said that she had a guess but that we shouldn't go out and buy anything quite yet, until we are sure...but her guess is that its a girl!! So Wes and I have some more name thinking to do haha! And so here we are, still in some pain with no real answer, but at least we know that Baby O is doing well and is happy as a clam in HER little home!!

We also got some good news from my blood test last week that it was negative so we only have a 1 in 10,000 chance that the baby will have Spina Bifida and a 1 in 10,000 chance of Downs Syndrome as well.

So as long as Baby stays happy and healthy, then we can certainly deal with anything else that comes our way...even this super cramping! Yikes! I am heading to a follow up appointment on Monday with the doctor, then it's off to the big ultrasound where we get to check out all of the baby organs and determine the sex for sure on February 23rd!!


  1. I certainly hope you start to feel better soon...but at least Baby O is healthy! So glad to hear that.
    And I didn't know Costco was one of your favorite places too! Matt and I are there almost every weekend, so maybe we'll see you :) We love Costco!!

  2. That's great news Laura! I'm glad that Baby O boy or girl is doing great.

  3. Andy thinks you should name HER Andrea Jane, After the best big brother in the world! LOL

  4. Guntherella, it is !!
    Congrats :-) ~Heidi

  5. I will give you $10 if on Feb 23rd, when you go to the doctor, if you say in your best Swedish accent "Just tell me doc, is it Bananas? Or Melonas?"
    tee hee, hugs! ~Heidi


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