My First Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What an incredible day! I had so much fun celebrating my first ever Mother's Day today! Sometimes, I still can't believe that I am a MOTHER! It's kind of like the feeling on your wedding day, when you are looking around for your groom at the crowded reception and you say "Has anyone seen my husband?" Then you quickly realize that you have a husband. The same thing happens when you are a mother. It still somewhat feels strange for me to use the words my daughter, because I just can't seem to believe it some days. It's hard to imagine our lives without Emma. It just feels like (get ready for this) my entire childhood and adolescences was all preparation for this, being a mother.

Today was incredible in for two different reasons; it not only makes me reflect on what it means for me to be a mother, but also what my own mother means to me (get out the tissues mom!). There are so many things that we should say to our mothers, and we don't, like thank you. Thank you for those sleepless nights, thank you for the support in everything that I did, thank you for going to the soccer and lacrosse games, thank you for the summer vacations that I will never forget, thank you for drying my tears over the years, thank you for teaching me how to be a good mother, thank you for being my best friend and thank you for being an amazing person, you have made me what I am today. I am by far not a perfect mother, but my child is happy and thriving and learning something new everyday, so I must be doing something right? Well, non of that would have happened without my mother.

I also think of all the amazing mom's out there like my mother-in-law. Without her, I would not have the amazing life that I do now married to my wonderful husband, and Emma's amazing father. My sister-in-law Mary, that is truly my sister and an inspiration when it comes to being a mother who can handle it all, and raise three amazing children at the same time. My sister-in-law Adrienne, who despite living across the country, has been an amazing help to Wes and I as we continue to pass through uncharted territory as new parents. There are many more mothers out there that come to mind, but to try to make a complete list would go on for days! So I hope that all of my family members and friends out there who are mothers, and for those that are wishing and praying for that day to come, you are amazing.

My Mother's Day was supposed to start out with sleeping in a bit, but I couldn't resist running into Emma's room when she woke up this morning. Sometimes I wonder if it is actually possible to miss someone while you are asleep, because that's how I feel in the mornings sometimes. Like I haven't seen her for days. Our plan was to have a homemade brunch which was a great idea from Wes, so bright and early, he was off to the grocery store for all the goodies. When he got home, I was pleasantly surprised by two bouquets of tulips.

I also got an amazing gift of a Flip Video! I have been wanting something better then our 5 year old digital camera for videos of Emma for months now, and I finally have something!!

The day was a lot like a regular Sunday, filled with some house cleaning and errands but we took our time today, we weren't in a hurry, what got done was good, and if it didn't get done, too bad! After a delicious brunch, with some hot coffee, turkey bacon and homemade omelets, I think Wes and I were too stuffed to move anyway haha! Emma had a bit of a rough day as I think she is cutting what will be her 5th tooth! It's hard to tell but she had all of the classic symptoms, chewing on her fingers (and everything else in site), cranky, excessive drooling, you name it! So that was another reason why we kept it loy-key today.

Tonight for dinner, my amazing chef of a husband, made me one of my favorite recipes by Giada De Laurentiis. Yum!

I also couldn't resist and NOT post a picture of my baby on Mother's Day! Even though I am a wife, a coworker, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a student and other things, being a mother is the most rewarding but the hardest job that I have ever had. I wouldn't change it for the world, and I would do anything for my daughter, Emma Kathryn.

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  1. You're right PC, I had to stop reading to get the Kleenex.. Mom


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