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Thursday, May 20, 2010

We had such a fun night tonight, that I couldn't help but take a few more pictures (because I don't have enough already haha). Since Emma has become SO incredibly picky about what she eats, we have basically been trying anything to get her to eat. When she is over this UTI, I think our actions will change and we will be a little less forgiving since she is old enough to now know that dinner is dinner, and Mommy isn't cooking 10 different meals until we find one that she will eat. But, until that day, we are doing what we can to find whatever it is that she will eat at any given meal.

One of the things we have tried is to have Emma feed herself more often. Tonight, we tried to just fill the spoon with her garden veggies, and let her have at it. It was pretty funny and wouldn't you know, she ate the whole bowl. :) We also have a video that I will try to post a little later. What you can't see, is the streak of garden veggies along the side of her head, on mommy's pants and all over Shamus.

Then I decided that since we were already a ginormous mess, why not go outside and get even dirtier!! :) Last time we tried to introduce Emma to grass, she wasn't a big fan, but this time, she conquered her fear! That's my girl!
I plopped her down on the ground and she immediately honed in on one of Shamus's toys (sometimes I wonder why we even buy her baby toys because she just wants to play with dog toys). She reached over, and touched the grass as if she was testing the water in the pool to see if it was cold or not.

I guess it was okay, because she gave it a go!

Then she decided that maybe it wasn't such a good idea, but boy did she want to get that Shamus toy!

So she gave it another go!

Still going....and going strong! Once she started, there was no turning back, no pausing, just shear determination!

After she got to the toy, she realized that it wasn't as exciting as she thought. So Emma charged over to the dirtiest spot she could find.

We thought "Oh look, she is playing in dirt...how cute!" In reality, she just found a rock and put it right in her mouth! This coming from a girl who will refuse peach yogurt and strawberries, but darn it if she won't eat a dirty rock! Luckily Daddy was right there to save the day!

We decided that was enough excitement for the evening, so we were off to clean up my dirty little baby!

Ahh....there she is.

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