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Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank you to everyone that has either left a comment or emailed me about tips and tricks to hopefully help Emma do a little better with her formula! Sometimes it's just nice to know that other mom's are going through the same thing (or opposite in Dylan's case :) )!

Emma did pretty good yesterday with her eating. Instead of coming home with two of the three bottles we send to daycare, she only came home with one! Woo hoo! So she had about 15 ounces total yesterday which was a pretty big thing for her! She also ate lots of her breakfast and lunch, but of course came home and refused all of her dinner. That stink pot! Fingers are crossed that she will have another good eating and drinking today too!

We haven't yet tried switching formula but I think we may give that a shot this weekend. We are also going to try straws as well. We have tried cups and "big people" cereal made with cheerios and formula, sippy cups, dipping her toast in formula, mixing it in food, giving it to her before her meal, or waiting longer after. We have also tried every different temperature known to man...super cold, cold, room temperature, and warm. She does love water so she will drink that until the cows comes home, but isn't a big fan of juices really.

Megan also asked me in one of the comments for baby food sources. A lot of what I have tried so far came from talking to other mom's at Emma's daycare or talking to friends with little ones. This is also one of my favorite websites though for homemade baby food: That has everything from how to cook it, to how to store it and good combinations from infant to toddler. I hope that helps Megan, good luck!

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