Two More Teeth!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We had a great weekend and Emma had a little surprise in store for us today, she had two more teeth pop through!! One on the top, on the left side of her two front teeth, and one on the bottom, on the right side of her two bottom teeth! I will have to get an updated picture once they grow in a bit!!

On Friday, Mommy and Baby spent the morning and evening together because Daddy had to go in early and stay late for work. Although we missed Daddy, I kind of enjoyed having my baby all to myself! It probably helped that it was a Friday!! She was so funny that night because she was in a really good mood!! I ended up putting a little bow in her hair for daycare that day because we (okay...I) got so bummed just seeing all these cute bows in her dresser!

Now I think we are hooked because she has had a bow in her hair ever since haha! I think she now knows that the bow adds an entire extra layer of cuteness, so she can get away with even more because Mommy is distracted by the cuteness overload. :)

As you can tell, we haven't quite finished baby proofing yet. :)

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