Fun in the Sun!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So despite my past couple of posts about PPD, we actually do still have some fun sometimes. :) It's really important to me to try to minimize any impact of the PPD on Emma, whether that's just her seeing Mommy during one of her spirals, or when the anxiety is full blown, so on the good days, we really try to capitalize on the fun stuff.

It's been pretty warm here lately so time outside has been somewhat limited, but Emma LOVES to be outside. She would stay out there all day if we let her. So a couple of weekends ago we decided to have some fun in the sun, we broke out the sprinkler, slathered Emma up with sunscreen, slapped on a swim diaper, a bathing suit, a big floppy hat and some orange flip flops. The outfit was one of a kind for sure. It even matched her pink and green skull tattoo. Muwahahaha.

After I downloaded the pictures, I realized that I really didnt have any pictures that showed her face! That's life with a toddler! She is on the move so much, it's nearly impossible to get in front of her since you are always chasing her!

Even Squishy was in on the action, and despite getting a few squirts of water in the face, he had a great time. :) Although he didn't last too long and passed right out while hanging out in his car seat.

After breaking out the sprinkler and being a little afraid of it, Emma decided that she needed to try the hose.


Since she was all ready to get wet, we said go for it and she had a blast! She kept yelling "Firt Daddy!!" (Translation: Squirt Daddy)


And if the flowers needed to be watered...that must mean that the grill needed to be watered too right?

Despite the giant pool of water in the yard that soon came about, Emma thought she better get to work on mowing the grass. You can't have all play and no work right?!

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