Squishy at 3 Months Old

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I can't believe that my little (okay...so not really little) Squishy is 3 months old already. He turned three months on Sunday, June 19th, which was also Father's Day. Here is a little bit about Squishy at three months old...

I don't actually have a weight for him since he hasn't been to the doctor's recently but we are thinking he is over 16 pounds. He is a big boy! He is pretty much squeezing into his 3 months clothes, most of which don't fit unless they are from Gymboree where the sizes run big. I have been holding off buying him clothes because he is growing out of them so fast, but I don't think I can hold off much longer.

His colic is almost completely gone at this point. He only has an occasional freak out which has made the evenings much more tolerable. Now that the colic is pretty much gone, Jackson very much resembles his big sister in personality. He is our sweet, happy baby. He has the most adorable giggle known to man, and he laughs all the way down to his belly. He has the biggest, brightest smile that lights up his entire face.

Just like his big sister, he has the most incredible blue eyes. His are a much deeper blue then Emma's, but you get just as lost in them. He loves to "talk" and continues to laugh mostly at himself. He is a mover and will be crawling much earlier than Emma (at least we are guessing). He rolled over for the first time from his belly to his back on his 3 month birthday. He loves Tummy Time and already pulls his knees up under him and scoots around like he is ready to move!

Squishy is an eater!! He now eats six ounces of formula pretty much every three to four hours without fail. He is consistently sleeping through the night unless something drastic changes his routine. We typically feed him about 7:30/8:00PM and then put him down in his crib. We then wake him up at 10:30/11:00PM to give him his last bottle and he is usually good until about 6:00AM. He doesn't have much of a schedule yet during the day, but we are working on it. He clearly thrives on routine, and doesn't appreciate many changes. He sleeps the best all swaddled up in his crib, but he also LOVES his little lamb swing (although that baby is working hard trying to swing around that big baby)! Ha! Almost every morning when we go in his room to get him up for the day, he has wiggled himself all the way down to the bottom of his crib and has his feet sticking out through the slats. He also loves bathtime and splashes everywhere! I am pretty sure that he soaks Mommy even more than Emma.

Jackson is all man already. There is no mistaking that he is a boy, from the thick body, to the manly grunts. He loves to stand and can support his own weight for about 30 seconds already. He loves to "march" while standing and really prefers to be up and moving. He has lots of nicknames already, but so far the ones that have stuck are "Squishy", "Manly" and "Fushy" (from big sister who tries to call him Squishy but can't pronounce the "S"). :)

At three months old he is really fun to interact with and you can already start to play with him. He loves to be tickled (he is very ticklish just like his big sister) and we can already see the bond building with his big sister. He loves to watch her run around and play and he gets the biggest smile on his face when she walks by him in the swing. Whenever Emma sees him sleeping she yells "Wake up Fushy!!" because she wants to play, and she is already very good as bossing him around. :)

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