Giggles & "PeePee-Da-Potty": What a Combination!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I know I am really late with posting updated pictures of the little monsters but I almost made it last night. At about 9:00PM I finally got a chance to boot up our home computer (which only takes a whopping 15 minutes ACK) and downloaded some pictures off of the camera. But of course, why would that be easy and quick? Nope! I was having both camera and computer issues so needless to say, at 10:00PM when I finally got the pictures on the computer I was spent! But hopefully soon!

It's been a big week though with a lot of "firsts"! Squishy has finally found his giggle! I heard that little tiny giggle for the first time this weekend, on his 10 week Birthday and he hasn't stopped since! I have to get a good video of him talking because just over the past week he has been much more vocal and he must be a funny guy because his giggles always come after he says something! Then, after every single time he lets out a giggle, he gets the hiccups. Ha!

On Emma's side...she had a big first too!! Yesterday, she went pee pee on the potty for the first time!! With her VUR, we were told that potty training will probably be a little bit delayed because its really important for her to sit down, take her time and empty her bladder fully. Well, even though she is turning two in a month, we decided to just buy her a little potty to start getting used to, thinking it would take a few weeks for her to even start thinking about it. Well, I don't know if it was Elmo on the front of the potty or what, but she was so excited to try out her potty, that she hopped right on! She sat on it a few times on Monday and she even demanded to take her diaper off but no pee pee that day (which I wasn't surprised and wasn't pushing at all). But we pretty much couldn't go to the bathroom alone because she had to come too and use her potty. Well, I got a call from home yesterday that she actually went on the potty!! She was soooo proud of herself it was adorable!! She came running and bounding over to Wes and I when we got home screaming "peepee-da-potty!!!" Then, she ended up doing it three more times that night!! Of course, we have a lot to do, and I sent a note to her urologist because they said that whenever she was ready, they would give us some advice on how to do it right with her VUR, but I can't believe my baby went peepee-da-potty! :)

At one point, she sat down to go peepee-da-potty and she went a little bit, but was so excited that she jumped up! She wanted to do it again, so she sat down again, went a little bit more, and jumped up with excitement! I asked her if she was done, and she said yes, so I went to empty her potty and she peed right on the floor haha! So needless to say, we haven't gotten the take-your-time memo quite yet. :)

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