Back to Work Tomorrow!! Come On Snow!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So for anyone who doesn't live in the local or surrounding areas of Maryland, they are calling for 5 - 8 inches of snow tonight and through tomorrow morning. I was just telling Wes yesterday (the day after it was over 60 degrees outside) that I was really hoping we would get at least ONE big snow this winter! Well, this isn't quite as big as I was hoping for but who knows! I find myself constantly looking outside hoping for a blizzard so I can stay at home and ponder nursery design all day tomorrow haha.

We had a pretty productive weekend, well mostly yesterday. After a slow start to the morning I got moving and did some more painting upstairs to hopefully finish before little peanut arrives. I got two more doors painted (except still needs one final coat on one side) so they are ready for new door handles and hardware this week! I also taped up a few paint samples on the wall to help us try to envision what little peanut's room will look like. It's so hard to choose! In between coats of painting, we finally got started on unpacking the Dining Room. Until Wes's friend Mike Kim came up to visit on Friday and helped Wes move the hutch back against the wall, we were on hold putting our China away, which resulted in a big mess of the Dining Room. So after that, I pretty much hit my limit and passed out on the couch about 30 minutes into our movie at 8:30PM last night haha. Today has been a different story though. The little peanut has let me know from the moment I woke up that I was on my feet a little too much yesterday. As a result, I have been completely exhausted and lethargic all day. Ah well! What peanut needs, peanut gets!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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