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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, as you can tell by the updated colors of the blog, I tend to get bored really fast when it comes to choosing colors. That's why I have gone through about 10 different nursery designs in my head in the past few weeks. We taped and painted a few samples on the wall of different rose or green colors but just couldn't decide! So our latest idea is to still keep with our chair rail molding, with a bright white on the bottom, but paint a neutral color on the top. I can just see myself in a month getting tired of having a pink or green room, so this way, we can just keep it relatively neutral, and just add accent colors. So here is a good picture to show what we are thinking...

Wes and I have pretty simple tastes so we aren't too into a lot of the bedding that is out there with tons of flowers or animals, etc. We found very simple polka-dot bedding that we could use. I just like how simple and clean looking the above picture is with the tan, pink and brown...very subtle.

The bedding that we like has a ton of super cute matching decor, and Wes will be the first person to tell you, that I LOVE things that match ha! Ergo our stroller, pack-n-play and high chair matching set!


  1. Oh I like the brown and pink! Are you trying to give us a hint that you have picked a A named for your baby girl?

  2. Haha! Hi Jen! Nope, no hint with the "A", although I was curious if someone was going to think that or not. That's just the only picture of the letter that they have on the website. We are having such a hard time with names!


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