Weekend Update & Babies R Us!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi Everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! This weekend went by absolutely way too fast! We had a pretty good Saturday, it was once again beautiful outside, relatively sunny and in the 70s. A nice change of pace from the 6 inches of snow we got earlier last week. That didn't exactly help motivate me to study for my midterm tomorrow, but what can you do?! Wes spent most of the day enjoying the nice weather and cleaning out the cars (which desperately needed it) and I did some spring cleaning in the house. After that, we headed to my parents house for a hot game of Pitch, where Wes ended up being the big winner of the night, creaming us all (good job honey, bring home that college education for little peanut)! We had a blast, although I did miss my usual Bourbon and Ginger during the card game. The Sparkling Apple Cider just wasn't do the trick ha.
Sunday we another busy day but again beautiful weather. I met Mary and Erin down at my parents house as they were kind enough to join me in starting our baby registry!! They were a HUGE help and I wouldn't have known where to start without them. I got pretty overwhelmed within the first 10 minutes when the Babies R Us employee looked at my like I had three heads after asking "What does Event Date mean on the paperwork?" I should have known that was my due date...but why wouldn't they just write due date then?!?! I think she got a good laugh at my level of anxiety in the store that is Costco for baby stuff. After I was already feeling a little amped up, we spent about an hour in the first section of the store, me having a anxiety attack at all the things I didn't know about, while Mary and Erin did a great job of calming me down and talking me through everything. I just about burst into tears when I found out it was common knowledge that you have to sanitize baby bottles even AFTER you wash them for the first few months. I had no idea! I just about broke out in tears thinking I was already going to be a bad mother! Between that and having no idea that I would start "leaking" even prior to giving birth and that you can't put sunscreen on a baby for the first six months, etc... I was feeling a little overwhelmed. It probably didn't help that I was tired from the Pitch playing the night before and the time change either.

However, after realizing that our child is actually going to survive despite my lack of knowledge because that's what Sister in Laws and Infant Care classes are for, I calmed myself down and really started to enjoy our trip. We were there for a little over three hours I think and I got a great run-down of everything from different types of pacifiers, to strollers, to crib sheets, to diaper bags, you name it! We got a great start on the registry and I can't wait to have Wes come next time to pick out more! We were absolutely exhausted by the time we left but I can't thank Mary and Erin enough for spending so much time with me and helping us out with a great start! Thanks Ladies!!

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  1. I love registries! There is SO much to know about babies - just take it one day at a time - they don't grow up in a day!


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