Guess What Wes Felt Last Night?!?!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wes FINALLY got to feel little peanut kick (or punch) last night!! We have been trying for about two weeks now as her movements have become much stronger! Well, up until last night she has been pretty stubborn and would stop kicking or punching as soon as Daddy ran over and put his hand on my tummy. So for two weeks its been really frustrating as both Wes and I really wanted him to feel her kick!

Well, last night in class she was kicking and punching up a storm (although I still can't tell whether it's a kick, punch, knee, elbow, etc). Of course it was right when we had no access to Daddy and she was going crazy! I actually saw my belly move for the first time in class and boy was that hard to not have a reaction in the middle of a lecture haha. My work badge was resting on my tummy and I just happened to look down at the exact time she kicked and she kicked my badge almost off my belly!! I think we have a little soccer star on our hands!

So I ran home to tell Wes and yet again she was calm and quiet when we were around Daddy (maybe its his laid back personality that calms her down). Well finally after eating some salad, she was up and about again and after a few tries with Daddy's hand on the belly, he felt her!! His reaction was priceless! He then proceeded to lay his head on my tummy to see if he could hear her...well, she took that as a opportunity for a swift kick/punch right to Daddy's ear! Ha! Mommy thought it was really funny. :)

So things are going well! She is moving like crazy now and I have been feeling pretty good! Here is a belly picture that we took this morning on her 22 Week Birthday!

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