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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I have updated the blog, it's been a crazy few weeks! Let's see if I can remember what has happened of the past few days ha!

Emma Kathryn was Baptized on Sunday, September 13th and did great! She lasted through most of the Mass but hadn't really napped all morning so by the time the Baptism came around and the big poofy white dress was on, she was getting a little fussy. She held it together until the Pastor actually poured the water over her head but I would have cried too...that water was freezing!! Poor thing haha!! After that, she was pretty good because she was distracted by the candle that Daddy was holding ha! After a few quick pictures with her new Godmother and Godfather she let us know that she had enough though! Poor thing was really upset when we were trying to change her back into her comfy clothes for the ride home! She again didn't sleep much on the way home and once everyone came back to the house, I guess she didn't want to miss her party because no napping then either! We had a great time with everyone over at the house and needless to say it was an early bed time for Tiny that night! I think she was passed out by 6:30PM!!

The following week she got to spend some special time with her Mimi because I had to attend a training class in Bethesda, so I had to leave earlier then when daycare opens so Mimi watched her for us for a few days. Emma loved it and I think Mimi loved everything too (except for the really early wake ups haha). Nothing too exciting has happened really, everyone is still doing well and Emma continues to grow and change by the day. She is reaching a lot now for her toys and constantly has her hands in her mouth. She also LOVES to sit up now!! If she is laying in your lap or on the floor she will grab onto a finger in each hand and you can feel her pull as if to say "Now Mommy Now!!" So you pull her up to a sitting position and it's like she is seeing a whole new world haha! She is still sleeping through the night and getting to sleep in longer and longer in the mornings. Today, I had to go in and wake her up at 6:30 because I had to get her ready for daycare! Emma now has two friends in daycare...with three more to come later this year. So far it's Emma, Ella and Emme! Ha! I guess the E-names were pretty popular this year!!

I have also started a scrapbook for Tiny that I have been meaning to start for MONTHS! I think I actually bought everything when I was about 6 months pregnant haha. I am including all of the posts from when we first found out we were expecting to her birth so one day she can look back and read all about how her life started. It's turning out to be really cute and it's been really fun to do so far. I love tying in all the sonogram pictures that we have, with the belly pictures with the posts and the pictures of the fruit and veggies as she was growing. I love going back to read the different posts, especially the ones that were just a few days before she was born. I had no idea what was about to happen and how much our lives were about to change!!!

Emma and I took a trip to Babies R Us this weekend too. We had a gift card from some of my good friends from back when I lived in Texas (thanks again Erin and Andy!!) so Tiny got three more winter/fall outfits (adorable), a bunch of socks (gotta keep those little tootsies warm), two pairs of cotton pants (she needed the 3 month size for her big chunky tummy), a baby Beethoven CD (she listens to music while napping at daycare) and an adorable little stuffed animal puppy dog!! I picked it up to show it to her and she got the biggest and brightest smile on her face so Mommy couldn't resist!! Our next goal is to find her a Halloween costume!!! Yeah!!!

I have several pictures to update so stay tuned for some new Tiny pics!!

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